Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell Recap: The Black Tower

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell Recap: The Black Tower
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Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell” Season 1 Episode 6 “The Black Tower” aired last Sunday, June 21, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on BBC One. In this episode, while in Venice, Jonathan Strange (Bertie Carvel) met Flora Greysteel  (LucindaDryzek) and tried to summon a fairy to bring back Arabella Strange (Charlotte Riley), which led him to discover the truth behind Lady Emma Pole (Alice Englert) and Stephen Black (Ariyon Bakare). However, as things ended in disaster, he began the process to summon back the Raven King and to restore magic to England. Meanwhile, Vinculus (Paul Kaye) brought Stephen to the tree where he would meet his destiny, only to be disappointed.  Read on to learn more about this episode.

While Jonathan Strange (Bertie Carvel) tried again and again to become mad. It was that he would be able to see and hear a fairy when he summoned one.

Back in England, Strange’s book had been published by John Murray (John Sessions), only to have all the copies of the book disappear due to Mr. Gilbert Norrell’s (Eddie Marsan) spell on it. It placed Sir Walter Pole (Samuel West) in a very difficult position in Parliament. Afterwards, Childermass (Enzo Cilenti) urged them to find Christopher Drawlight (Vincent Franklin), whom they later found in a debtors prison. They then released him with the condition that he was to find Strange for Norrell.

Later, Childermass warned Norrell about the coming of the Raven King as four ravens had appeared on his cards again, and one of them was on the card called the Black Tower.

Meanwhile, in Venice, while Strange argued with an Italian apothecary who refused to give him some mandrake to make him go mad, he met Dr. James Greysteel (Clive Mantle) and his daughter, Flora (Lucinda Dryzek). They were Englishmen who had come to pay a visit to the mad mother of a colleague of Dr. Greysteel’s. Flora, however, showed some interest in magic and in Strange.

Later that night, Strange followed the Greysteels to the house of the mad old lady, Mrs. Delgado (Flip Webster), turned her into her hearts desire- a cat- in exchange for her madness, which he trapped inside a rat, which he kept in a bottle with which he placed water in it. After drinking a drop of this, he managed to finally summon the Gentleman with the Thistle Down Hair (Mar Warren) and suggested that they agree on terms to enter an alliance with each other.

The upset fairy then ranted to Stephen Black (Ariyon Bakare), who decided to free Vinculus (Paul Kaye) from his cell. Vinculus claimed that he knew how to free him from the gentleman, and because Vinculus had an appointment with a tree.

The next morning, Strange, who was being watched in secret by Drawlight, got Flora and asked for her help to buy a dress for Arabella when the fairy brought her back to life. However, in Drawlight’s report, he stated that Flora had just been picked up by her father after an ill- fated romance with Lord Byron.

Later that night, the gentleman agreed to an alliance but told Strange that he couldn’t bring back Arabella back, as bringing Lady Pole (Alice Englert) back was an “entirely different matter.” This made Strange realized that he had dealt with Norrell before and asked for what he had gotten in return from his last encounter with an English magician, and got Lady Pole’s finger in a box in return. Using that, he followed it into the ballroom, where he encountered Emma, Stephen and discovered that Arabella didn’t recognize him. Angrily, the gentleman cursed him with “Eternal Night,” which followed him everywhere, and which drained him. Because of this, Norrell was instructed to stop Strange at all costs. However, Childermass and Norrell realized that magic was returning as they heard noises from behind every mirror.

Meanwhile, back in England, Vinculus revealed that his entire body was the book of the Raven King. Upon arriving at the tree, the gentleman appeared and killed Vinculus, who claimed that English magic was returning. He then spirited Stephen away after telling him that the prophecy of Vinculus was an old one about the Raven King.

In Venice, Strange realized that Norrell was right about fairies. He told Flora that she would know when to help him when the time comes. Later, it was revealed that he had sent her a mirror.

Strange then summoned the ravens and Drawlight to him, and told him to give the tiny box to Childermass to give to Lady Pole, and to give Lady Pole a letter directly, and to tell Norrell that magic was returning and that he was coming for him. Then, all the mirrors broke, and in Norrell’s study, Strange’s messengers, the ravens, flooded the room after breaking free from the mirror.

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