‘Jonny Quest’ Live Action Movie Confirmed; Maisie Williams And Suraj Sharm As Cast Members, According To Fans

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
‘Jonny Quest’ Live Action Movie Confirmed; Maisie Williams And Suraj Sharm As Cast Members, According To Fans
Jonny Quest movie to hit big screens.

Fans shared different reactions after news surfaced regarding “Jonny Quest” getting into action once again. The animated adventures of Jonny and the gang started to thrill kids in the 60s which was followed by a number of reboots since then.

A report from CNN said that “Jonny Quest” is going live again as he heads for the big screen in live-action form. The show only lasted for one season back then as animation cost were deemed high. However, it was still regarded as one of the greatest early example of adventure and action in the world of animation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Robert Rodriguez would direct the live-action form “Jonny Quest” movie. However, it was not yet revealed who will play the character of Jonny and his pal Hadji as well as his dad Race Bannon.

The well-loved action animation “Jonny Quest” is owned by Time Warner Bros.

However, fans are not so happy about the news as online media platform Twitter was rocked by multiple reactions. One fan, identified MK Fonz 11, tweeted, “No, no, no, no. For Pete’s sake, leave Jonny Quest alone.” The fan went on questioning if indeed studios have no imagination for proposing a comeback of the classic animated adventure.

Another fan with username @RustedMecha tweeted that he is not watching the Jonny Quest movie directed by Robert Rodriguez if the guy from “Machete” directed by Rodriguez isn’t casted as Race Bannon. He was actually referring to Danny Trejo from Machete.

Meanwhile, other fans tweeted their bets for the casting roles including Idris Elba who was said a perfect fit for the character of Race Bannon. @geektrooper also suggested Maisie Williams should play Jonny while Suraj Sharma should play Hadji. Another fan posted that a good ending for “Jonny Quest” is unlikely to happen.

Whether or not an adaptation would soon start filming, fans debating about it would likely end in social media platforms.

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