Joseph Gordon-Levitt On Why Making A “Sandman” Movie is so Hard

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Joseph Gordon-Levitt On Why Making A “Sandman” Movie is so Hard

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is feeling really good about “Sandman.” The 34-year-old actor is busy writing Neil Gaiman’s comic-book series into a grand action movie that does not feature any punching. Read on to find out more.

“Sandman” is going to be a “Big spectacular action movie” with “no punches,” says Gordon-Levitt, who is collaborating with David S. Goyer (writer for “Man Of Steel,” “The Dark Knight,” and every other DC comics movie) and Gaiman himself to bring Sandman to the screen. In a recent interview with MTV’s Jan Horowitz, Levitt spoke about the challenges of adapting a six year long comic series run into a two-hour unified movie, and said:

“It is going to be a grand spectacular action movie but with none of the action movie cliches.”

“Sandman,” which is considered one of the finest example of graphic literature (read comic- books), ran a course of 75 issues from 1989 to 1986. Though the main story concerns the eponymous “sandman,” Morpheus ‘an anthropomorphic personification of dreams’ and his family, Gaiman used the seven year run to delve into everything from American history to serial-killer psychology. As such, the complex nature of the story has it famously regarded as unfilmable and various “Sandman” projects have been in development from 1990’s only to be scrapped. Gordon-Levitt and Goyer have their work cut out for them.

Gaiman seems to be having a good time at Hollywood as his other book, “American Gods” is being adapted into a television show by the “Hannibal” team, as we reported recently.

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