Josh And Anna Duggar Tempted To Cancel Divorce For Living In A Huge Mansion

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Josh And Anna Duggar Tempted To Cancel Divorce For Living In A Huge Mansion
Josh and Anna Duggar

It is true that Josh and Anna Duggar would live in close quarters to solve problems in their relationship and strengthen it. Josh had strayed away from wife Anna and has been in the news for cheating her with porn stars.

The 27-year-old Josh and Anna don’t want to get divorced now and would return to Arkansas to live with Josh’s parents and siblings. Josh and Anna’s wedding has stayed on the verge of breaking. It was since Josh had made revelations that he had molested his four sisters in his teenage. After that came the news that Josh had also been visiting the cheating website, Ashley Madison and has a bevy of extramarital affairs.


According to Hollywoodlife, Jim Bob Duggar, father of Josh would present the couple with a mansion if they reunite. He has purchased a 3,800 square foot brick mansion stretching up to two acres of land for the couple. Josh is lately in a rehab center where he is getting help for dealing with his porn and cheating addictions.

Hollywoodlife claims that In Touch Weekly has reported that Anna”s father-in-law has hinted to her that Josh and Anna Duggar could have a luxurious life in the mansion. The value of the mansion is $ 345,000. It comprises of 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

“Also, it’s so close to the main Duggar compound that she can always call on the family for help whenever she needs it.” the outlet said.

Josh’s siblings are not happy with the offer their father has given to the couple. According to the report, “Nobody has directly challenged Jim Bob’s plan to have Anna move in, but you can feel some of the other kids want it for themselves.”

Jill Duggar has also stayed in the mansion with her husband and son before. Josh has 18 siblings and some would want to live in the mansion.

Photo Source: Duggar Family/Facebook

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