Josh Brolin Speaks About the Terrifying Cult of ‘Thanos’

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Josh Brolin Speaks About the Terrifying Cult of ‘Thanos’

Josh Brolin may be a veteran actor with many awards under his belt (and exactly six Infinity Gems), but he is really scared to play the ‘Mad God’ Thanos in the upcoming “The Avengers: Infinity War.” Read on to find out why.

While at TIFF promoting his new film “Sicario” (which, incidentally, is being directed by incumbent “Blade Runner 2” director Denis Villeneuve and is supposed to be really excellent), Brolin spoke with Collider about the terrifying ‘cult of Thanos.’

“It wasn’t until I was doing this movie [Sicario], I walked into a comic book store in Albuquerque and I saw a guy who recognized me as Thanos, who basically had a minor stroke, and I was afraid because his reaction was so severe. More severe than I’ve ever seen any reaction to any actor or somebody recognizable, and I realized Thanos was his life. Thanos was his savior. The whole thing was his — it’s like he woke up in the morning swallowed and ate these words in these comic books. So it means a lot. I get the responsibility and I take it with great care.” Brolin said.

Brolin already made his debut as a mostly inactive Titan in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” last summer, but it is in “The Avengers: Infinity War” parts I and II where we expect him to really get worked up.

For those new to the Marvel Universe and its many complexities, Thanos is one of the most powerful characters in that universe, capable of leveling planets. He is expected to take on the Avengers single-handedly and give them quite a thrashing in the upcoming movies.

The Infinity Gems INFINITY GAUNTLET no. 1 (Jul. 1991) "God" Art by George Perez, Josef Rubinstein, Tom Christopher, Max Scheele & Ian Laughlin Words by Jim Starlin

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As Brolin himself puts it, “I love the idea of Thanos. Ultimately, it’s Thanos against everyone. Why wouldn’t you do that? It’s a strange thing.”

In the meantime, it is Brolin vs. himself at the movies this weekend as both mountaineering epic “Everest” and crime thriller “Sicario” hit the screens this Friday.  Brolin, of course, has cannily offered his fans a solution, while speaking with USA Today. According to him, there is no reason why you should not watch both movies, and watch them in the same day.

Brolin himself offers his childhood as an example, when he would watch four movies every Sunday, and then leave ‘discombobulated.’ But both movies have received excellent reviews, and we actually might consider following Brolin’s advice.

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