Josh Duggar Sent To A Christian Rehab; No Access To Mobile, Laptop, Will Read Bible

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Josh Duggar Sent To A Christian Rehab; No Access To Mobile, Laptop, Will Read Bible
Josh Duggar

We hope the poor fate of Josh Duggar will turn good soon. All our good wishes with him. Just 2-3 days back, we confirmed you about the decision of Duggar family to send the reality television star to rehab. Read below to get a complete scoop of it.

Now Inquisitr has confirmed that the Duggar family’s oldest son had preferred to go for a “long-term” rehabilitation center. The 27-year old Duggar is said to have participated in a Christian rehab treatment at Reformers Unanimous in Rockford in Illinois, as confirmed by MailOnline. The regulations of treatment include removal of items like cell phones or laptops to stop contacting people and accessing email. Only a limited amount of television is permitted. Reading Bible, doing manual works, attending chapel services and praying to God are the main tasks Duggar is ought to do at the rehab.

Duggar may be a star, but no extra privilege would be provided to him at the rehab. He has to live in a bunkroom with the roommates. The management strictly monitors all the possible communications from outside and the participants are not allowed to communicate with anyone like family and friends for at least 60 days. After the first segment of treatment of 60 days, the participants are allowed to go out with family or approved visitors over the weekends for a limited period of time.

The father of four children was charged with cyber crime for using DJ Matthew McCarthy’s photograph to run his pseudo account in two dating websites OkCupid and Ashley Madison. The matter also came out that he got highly addicted to pornography and paid sex. Recently, porn star and striper Danica Dillon (real name Ashley Lewis) revealed in an interview with In Touch that she and Duggar had consensual sex twice earlier this year, and she was paid well in return. But she still remembers how Duggar tossed her like a rag doll and his way of having rough sex is still terrifying her.

Readers, do you think this attempt will be successful for Duggar? Do you believe in the process of simply diverting the mind from one subject to another by changing the atmosphere that could cure any type of addiction? Or it also requires complete cleansing of three parts of mind (mainly conscious mind) by some special technique(s) instead of just reading holy books and mere praying to freak unknown? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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