Josh Duhamel And Fergie’s 2-Year-Old, Axl Jack Has The Wisdom Of An Adult

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
Josh Duhamel And Fergie’s 2-Year-Old, Axl Jack Has The Wisdom Of An Adult
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How true is it that kids say the darndest things? With Josh Duhamel and Fergie’s son, it’s like having a conversation with a full grown adult—when the little guy is only two. Read on to know more about the quirky Axl Jack.

In an interview with People Magazine, Duhamel said, “[Axl] looked at me the other day and he goes, ‘Daddy, you’re a good guy,’ and I go, “Thank you, Axl. You’re a good guy, too!”

Duhamel shared more about his grown up little man at the “Lost in the Sun” press conference on Tuesday. Told that he was also a good guy, Axl responded with, “No, I’m Axl. I’m a boy.”

“He sees a guy as a grown man and he doesn’t see himself as that, so he’s still a boy.” The proud father of the clever boy added. Whatever happened to “terrible twos”? It seems like Duhamel and the “London Bridge” hit maker are going through it with no glitches at all.


“He’s pretty good,” said Duhamel. The tot recently celebrated his second birthday last August. “He’s got his moments, but like I said, he’s a very sweet natured, kind, happy little guy.”

The wonderfully close father-and-son has been watching football since Axl was a baby—better to start them young! Duhamel has always been a Vikings fan, while the toddler is leaning towards the Dolphins. “It’s a constant struggle in our house because my wife is a Dolphins fan, so I have to make sure he wears the Vikings stuff as much as he wears the Dolphins stuff,” Duhamel said.

No worries, the Duhamel household is open to some healthy competition. “One of my friends, who is a big Packers fan, was at the house [with Axl and the nanny, while I was in Toronto and Fergie was out of town] and I come back and all he wants to talk about is the Packers,” Duhamel jokingly recounts. “I was like, ‘Go Vikings’ and he was like, ‘No, go Packers.’ I was like, What?!”


There have been talks that the couple is planning for baby number two, but as of this interview, it was said that they are not in a rush and are having fun with their little boy, especially with Fergie’s second album still in the works.

“We definitely plan on it. It’s going to be a minute because she’s about to release this album, and it’s going to be really good,” Duhamel said about his wife’s new album, which will be released later this year. “I’m really, really proud of her.”

Photo Source: Instagram/joshduhamel

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