Josh Trank fired from the next Star Wars!

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Josh Trank fired from the next Star Wars!

It took a decade for George Lucas to shoot and direct his dream project and make everyone believe in the world of aliens. This has never been an easy task and director of Star Trek, Josh Trank has proved that directing ‘the world phenomenon’ is not a piece of cake.

The “Star Trek” director, Josh Trank who was reportedly directing the next series in the Star Wars franchise said on Friday that leaving the set of the world famous movie was his own personal decision but now, according to reports. the young director had some unusual conduct during the making of Fantastic Four series which is produced by the Fox. The production of the film gave an alarm to the Lucas Films’s executives and they decided that Trank is not such a perfect call for the Star Wars Universe.

In April, Star Wars production house conducted a celebration in Anaheim and the movie director Josh Trank was apparently not available in the big event by Lucas Films. At that hour, Disney and Trank said that he was not feeling well to attend the big event but if we consider all the news then we are sure that the production house had asked Trank not to attend the event or any promotional activities.

Things started to surface when the producers of Fantastic Four faced many challenges while working with the director. The film crew had called him erratic and very isolated and as far as the movie groves are considered, Lucas film will not play any gamble for the next Star Wars series. At the time of Fantastic Four, media delegates found Trank very reluctant after his indecisive comments on the production house of the film.

As far as the sources are considered, Trank was ‘indecisive and uncommunicative’. Simon Kinberg and Hutch Parker who are the producers of Fantastic Four series had to interfere in the making of the film but Trank was still on the sets as the authorized director.

Simon Kinberg who is also a producer of the next Star Wars said to have miscommunication with Trank and apparently he is not happy with the director’s attitude towards the whole project. Now when Lucas Film got an ear of Trank’s doing, they are not willing to partake in any relationship with him.

Now, as the director and the Lucas Film have parted ways the studio is looking for a new director to take over the world famous Star Wars series.

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