Journey 2: An island worth drowning

By admin | 7 years ago

journey 2

The story sees Sean Anderson go on a quest with stepfather Dwayne Johnson to the South Pacific in order to find out about his missing grand dad. Luis Guzman who plays a helicopter pilot and his daughter, Vanessa Hudgens too do not bring any real character to the story. The worst is seen when the movie comes with some frilly Looney tunes cartoon including Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd. The script by Brian and Mark Gunn has its share of loop holes. The movie seems stretched like a gum, with the cast calling for help throughout. Johnson’s deliverance of ‘What a wonderful world’ does nothing to save Journey 2.

Journey 2 is a sequel to the first film, ‘Journey to the center of the Earth’. Inspite of borrowing heavily from Jules Verne’s novels, the movie comes with nothing but some staid action scenes that include the likes of the police chasing a speeding cyclist and creepy lizards and reptiles attacking mid-way. The movie is PG rated and makes for a teeny blooper, what with its flat 3D effects. There is absolutely nothing notable in the movie.

Journey 2 hardly has any continuity to the prequel. Josh Hutcherson’s uncle played by Brendan Fraser is replaced by Johnson. The movie makes for a no-brainer to those who have read Jules Verne. Kids and teens, on account of their naivety might enjoy this one, but it would come as a surprise if adults put in their time and money to go watch it. Truly, Journey 2 will create a sense of loathe for any island you visit henceforth.

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