The Judge Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 4 years ago
The Judge Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]

Familial issues have long been effective forms of melodramatic premises ever since the world came to understand that there is no such thing as a perfect family. In the 2014 pic directed by David Dobkin, “The Judge” tackles the connotative and the literal trials of the estranged father and son relationship put into cinematic actuality by high caliber actors Robert Duvall and Robert Downey Jr., respectively.

The Judge Synopsis

“The Judge” follows the story of one esteemed defense lawyer Hank Palmer (Downey), who will conquer any means necessary just so he could clean off the slate of his clients. He bears the demeanor of a man who has a nonchalant outlook in life. With non – effective relationship with his families, his only real and tender relationship is the one that he keeps with his daughter. Be that as it may, Downey’s character currently lives with the underlying pains of his past that lead him to become the harsh and overly cynical man that he is now. In an ongoing trial, he learns a the earth – shaking call that tells him of his mother’s death. Bewildered and hesitant, Hank pushes on the journey to the places where he actively turned his back on over the years: his hometown and his past. He seems to have maintained a good relationship with his brothers Glen (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Dale (Jeremy Strong). However, his relationship with his father Joseph, the judge (Duvall), has always been cold and unattached. Determined to look back just so he can leave his past be, Hank’s initiatives were trampled on when his father was called out for a car accident that turned out to be a first – degree murder charge. On this new tribulation, he faces his dying relationship with his father with the unconscious efforts of reviving it as well as confronting the long been buried stories of his past.

The Judge Review

“The Judge” is a movie of confrontation and reconciliation – simple as that. However, because of the many subplots you would often find yourself getting lost to the different kinds of filler aspects in the film – making you lose sight of the main drama that is put on by the two Roberts (Duval and Downey). In the review highlighted by Filmoria, the film serves to be your usual and predictable coming home flick but it somehow becomes overbearing because the film zeroes in on every subplot it introduces when truly, the main story just revolves around the son and his father.

Of course, you can expect to have the acting of both high calibre actors to be the main driving point of the film. Robert Downey Jr. is just great at keeping the character of the carefree, wit – challenging, success driven lawyer with a sheathed heart of gold (kind of reminds you of his billionaire, playboy, philanthropist countenance) in place. Whereas, you also witness Robert Duvall, rising above the material as the all too cold hearted man who actually bears the pains behind the numb facade. (via Digital Spy)

Altogether, the film’s plot is not praiseworthy in the way that it shifts way too much it becomes a distraction to the main storyline. Nevertheless, you can expect to appreciate the film because of how much each actor (mainly the lead ones) brought their character depictions to a praiseworthy level. To top it off according to Variety, some technicalities of the film are also aspects that one can appreciate and recognize. Director David Dobkins really highlighted his ambitious efforts to making the film more accomplished compared to his previous works. The 35mm cinematography of Janusz Kaminski adds a profound aesthetic to the film’s overall picture and Thomas Newman’s score prolifically moderated and supplemented the drastic shifts of the film’s emotional atmosphere – shifting from humorous to intensely brooding dramatics.

“The Judge” is set to open in theaters on October 10, 2014. This ends our review of the film. Continue to keep your tabs on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates in the entertainment world.

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Film Review: ‘The Judge’

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