Jug Face Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Jug Face MovieJug Face is about prophetic pottery, incestuous pregnancy, and sacrifices in a pit. It is a rural fable from filmmaker Chad Crawford Kinkle. The pit demands a sacrifice once a year and possesses a simple potter, who outlines the face of the chosen on a jug.

The small town is sober and accepts this yearly immolation. Ada, who is betrothed to another while being pregnant from her brother, discovers she’s the next sacrifice. She does her best to avoid the inevitable.

When she manages to save herself, the pit takes another in her place. This results into a path of blood until the target is reached. Ada tries her best to hide her jug face, as well as her illicit affair and secrets of her pregnancy with it. Those killed by the pit are now shunned and walk as ghosts in limbo.

Jug Face is made with a low budget and it shows. You can see one particular ghost wandering around. Ada can see visions of the pit at work. The visions are less psychedelic than what the filmmaker has intended them to be. But these are easily overlooked due to the performances of the cast members and Kinkle’s depiction of the small community.

A store owner from a nearby modern town tells his worker not to get involved with Ada and her town. But it is not Ada’s fault nor her family and neighbors. They are neither insane nor unreasonable. They are not vicious backwoods people. They suffer from a cruel supernatural being and recognize their need to be its servants.

Larry Fessenden plays Ada’s father, who is seen as an understanding and emphatic throughout the movie. His sternness progresses as their situation worsens.

Jug Face is a unique horror movie that has some strange elements to make it enjoyable to watch. Kinkle doesn’t reveal the nature of the pit creature and no monster battle takes place. The movie’s horror comes not from the creature but from the responsibility of the actions that leads into the dark.

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