‘Jughead #2’ review: Sophomore issue ends with an exciting cliffhanger and we give it 4.5 burgers

By Karen May Regpala | 2 years ago
‘Jughead #2’ review: Sophomore issue ends with an exciting cliffhanger and we give it 4.5 burgers

The first issue in the Jughead” comic book reboot received a lot of rave reviews, while this particular writer was just a little bit underwhelmed. Not that she didn’t like that issue; maybe she just expected more. With the second issue out this week, how did “Jughead #2” fare? Four and a half burgers out of five, we say.


Maybe because Jughead had grown so much with recent Archie Comics publication — getting married and having a baby in “The Married Life” graphic novels and becoming the cooler, wittier version of his already cool and witty version in Mark Waid and Fiona Staples’ “Archie” reboot — we here at MNG quite felt that “Jughead #1” was a bit of a step back. Jughead was still his usual loveable self; and we do agree that the humour was still on-point with Archie Comics’ resident gluttonous, skinny smart-ass teenager. But relaunching his series with a food-centric conflict just felt a little bit shallow.

With the launch of “Jughead #2,” though, we the feeling was soon dispelled and we can now safely say that this series won’t be the shallow series that we first made it out to be. While there won’t be any hook-ups with girls anytime soon (much more marriage and babies, like in “The Married Life”) or him pushing a Betty-Archie reconciliation (like in the new “Archie” comic book series), we can surely expect more than just food from the new “Jughead” series.

In issue number two, artist Chip Zdarsky and illustrator Erica Henderson explore other aspects of Jughead Jones. Following what the two started in the pilot issue, there’s still a dream sequence mid-story. This time out, they explore Jughead’s stint as a Time Police and it’s amazing — especially as how they were able to insert another essential character trait in there: his hatred of girls.

What makes this a really good issue as well is that Zdarsky and Henderson finally moved out of the food-centric plot and made Jughead out to be more than just a glutton. He is also now seen as the witty, scheming teenager that made him appealing to a lot of the Archie readers. And that twist in the end surely pushes readers to looking towards “Jughead #3.”


While most review sites will say that the first issue was still more brilliant than this one, we’d have to disagree, if only that “Jughead #2” was able to brilliantly end with a cliffhanger that makes “Jughead #3’s” release feel like it’s too far off.

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