Julia Roberts: “Jennifer Lawrence is too cool to join America’s Sweethearts Club”

By admin | 5 years ago

While she does have the charm, the red carpet grace and beauty to join the club of America’s Sweet hearts –  that doesn’t necessarily make her eligible to be a part of it. Well, at least according to the current reigning Sweethearts club chairman Julia Roberts.

Jennifer Lawrence

The August: Osage County actress through long and hard over inducting 23 year old Jennifer Lawrence into the group of favored actresses which also includes, Reese Witherspoon, Marilyn Monroe, Sandra Bullock and not to mention Meg Ryan.

Though Lawrence’s qualities are favorable, however, it is interesting to note here that she still hasn’t been a part of timeless romantic comedy yet and also hasn’t divorced a Hollywood A-Lister yet. These are some qualities which are apparently important to have if you’re being considered for the club of the Sweethearts.

Lawrence is clearly just taking a backward approach into being inducted. After starting off in grittier films like “Winter’s Bone” and the upcoming “American Hustle,” she could stand to do a few “Sleepless in Seattle” roles.

Source: DailyNews

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