Julia Roberts’ Marriage Hanging On A Thread, Separation Of $225 Million

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago

It’s almost impossible for any marriage to survive in Hollywood. Now it’s turn for beautiful “Pretty Women” star Julia Roberts and cinematographer Daniel Moder, whose 13 year old marriage is allegedly at stake. Read below to know more in details.

Roberts and Moder fell in love and started dating when they worked together on the set of “The Mexican” in 2000. She was then married to Vera Steimberg, whom she divorced later and wedded Moder in 2002.

According to the August issue of OK! Magazine, Moder wants outs of his marriage to Roberts, and it seems it is directed to an unhappy ending.

“Danny just doesn’t feel like they have a true partnership,” a source told OK.

Although the couple’s marriage had a strong establishment for more than a decade, the relationship presently has “been [Roberts’] way or the highway.” On the other hand, the source told OK that Roberts is “very emotional” and she changes her mood frequently like she “screams for one minute and apologize the next.” She is also blamed for “going off on rant after rant, pointing finger at Moder at every opportunity.” Feeling pity on Moder!

According to the source, Roberts has had a tough two years after losing two of close associates. Since the death of her half-sister Nancy Motes, who reportedly died of an apparent overdose in 2014, Roberts has been suffering from emotional collapse. The condition worsened when she was shocked her mother Betty Lou Bredemus’s death earlier this year. She was an American actress and acting coach who died of lung cancer.

Hollywood Life has revealed that although Moder desires to bail on the marriage, but it’s 47-year old “Charlotte’s Web” actress who allegedly would have to “fork over” a mammoth chunk of her $225 million  in case of a divorce settlement. Oppositely, they have reportedly put two of their home on their market, which could be a preparation for the settlement. Only they require making a custody arrangement for their three children.

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Photo Source: Instagram/Julia Roberts

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