Julian Fellowes’ New ‘Doctor Thorne’ Touted as the Next ‘Downton Abbey’? [WATCH TRAILER]

By Weena Carullo | 2 years ago
Julian Fellowes’ New ‘Doctor Thorne’ Touted as the Next ‘Downton Abbey’? [WATCH TRAILER]
Doctor Thorne

Fans of “Downton Abbey” in the US can add another British period drama to their TV viewing experience as Amazon Prime is bringing Julian Fellowes’ new series to American audiences this month. Fellowes – the man responsible for creating “Downton Abbey” – has a new show called “Doctor Thorne.”

Doctor Thorne” is another British period drama based on an 1858 novel by Anthony Trollope. The TV adaptation was written and produced by Fellowes himself. It stars Tom Hollander (“The Night Manager”) as Dr. Thomas Thorne, Ian McShane (“Ray Donovan”) as Sir Roger Scatcherd, and Alison Brie (“Mad Men”) as Miss Martha Dunstable.

Harper’s Bazaar reports that the new series has already premiered in the UK earlier this spring. American audiences will be able to catch this show on May 20 on Amazon Prime.

In terms of story and production, some people have compared it to “Downton Abbey” as the plot also involves major themes like social class, money issues, romance, forbidden love and infidelity.

“Doctor Thorne” tells the story of a commoner named Dr. Thomas Thorne who lives in a simple English village with his niece Mary. The village is run by Lady Arabella Gresham who rules the land with an iron fist. Lady Arabella forces her son Frank to marry an American heiress to save them from financial ruin. But Frank falls in love with Mary and plans to elope with her.

However, unlike “Downton Abbey” which had 9 episodes per season, Fellowes’ new series only has three episodes in its first season. Each episode will also have a special introduction by Fellowes as previously reported by Variety.

Subscribers of Amazon Prime will be able to watch the entire first season through the Amazon Video app for TV, connected mobile devices or stream online.


Photo Source:  ITV/Doctor Thorne

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