Julian Polisse Explained The Major Features Of FIFF

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Julian Polisse recently joined the International Fajr Film Festival in Iran as a member of the selection committee . He has done many researches in Islamic culture field . Also he is familiar with Iranian and Arabic cinema.

He says that he pays attention to 3 factors during selecting films for this festival . Firstly technical and artistic values of the films , Secondly the quality of the content and thirdly accordance with predefined goals of the festival . Goals like philanthropy , human rights , justice and etc .

This is the first time that he had joined this festival and he thinks the overall quality of all the films are comfortable and there are nice diversity of films . Also he admired his partners in committee , “There is a common feature between us , And it is the love to the cinema , This helps us to set up a intimate and respectful relationship while we have different tastes in choosing films” Julian says .

Julian is from France and he also had presence in Cannes film Festival , “We cannot really compare these two festivals in aspect of facilities and tools but the main feature of FIFF is its Islamic , Asian and Iranian character . Directors and filmmakers love cinema and this results in new and precious ideas which can produce valuable feats “ He added .

He also hauls the connections between filmmakers from other countries and he calls them effective relation . “Well , I believe these connections are important and effective because it can help to transfer the artistic and technical ideas” He declared .

Mohammad Bozorgnia, Rasoul Sadrameli and Shahram Asadi are other members of this committee . The 30th Fajr International Film Festival will be held from February 1st to 11th 2012 in Tehran and some other Iranian provinces.

Julian Polisse In International Fajr Film Festival
Julian Polisse In International Fajr Film Festival

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