Why Julianne Moore Is The Perfect Villain For Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
Why Julianne Moore Is The Perfect Villain For Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle
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Julianne Moore is the villain of Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle. After facing the psychopathic Valentine (played by Samuel L. Jackson), the 56-year-old actor will bring down Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Agent Harry Hat (Colin Firth) in the most anticipated sequel of the popular spy movie this year.

Who is Poppy?

Moore is one versatile actress. After decades in the show business, she has collected several acting awards including an Oscars for her performance in the 2015 movie, Still Alice. This time around it looks like she will be shedding her “American Sweetheart” image to become the villain of Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle.

In an interview with Empire, Vaughn talked about how Moore’s Poppy will become a problem to Eggsy and the Secret Service.

“She’s America’s sweetheart gone wrong,” the filmmaker explained about Poppy. Not much is known about the villain of the upcoming movie. From the photos released via the publication, Moore’s Poppy looks like a ’50s housewife with her floral apron, but looks can be deceiving. Vaughn revealed that Poppy is a criminal mastermind and she runs a secret organization in her base she calls Poppyland masked as a ’50s-style diner.

“I thought it would be fun to see her play this kooky, sweet, Stepford Wives-style villain,” Vaughn added, “that, at the same time, is lethal and crazy and intelligent.”

While Jackson’s Valentine will go down as one of the most interesting villains in the history of spy movies, Moore’s Poppy would not be a step-down. In fact, Vaughn has devised a devious plot about the new villain that will keep viewers talking.

“Spy films are only as good as their villains. What I loved about Valentine is that his plot made sense,” he explained. Vaughn co-wrote the screenplay with Jane Goldman who also worked on Kingsman: The Secret Service. Of course, the movie is based on the comic book series created by Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar. “I’ve come up with a whole new villain plot that I guarantee people will be debating.”

He also revealed that Moore has been his first choice for the role of Poppy. The director said that the actor inspired the character because she can be sweet, but also “crazy and tough.”

Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle

Moore is only one of the new characters who will be introduced in the upcoming sequel. The movie will also star Channing Tatum as Agent Tequila, Pedro Pascal as Agent Whiskey; Jeff Bridges as Agent Champagne and Halle Berry as Agent Ginger Ale. Somehow, Elton John also joined the cast in a still-unannounced role.

Meanwhile, Sophie Cookson will reprise her role as fellow agent Roxy, Mark Strong returns as Merlin and Michael Gambon replaced Michael Caine as Arthur. Eggsy’s mentor, Harry Hart (Colin Firth) also returned from the dead and wearing an eye patch.

“[H]e’s not the Harry we knew,” Vaughn said of Firth’s character. “He’s Harry Hart, but he ain’t Galahad.”

The appearance of these new characters will signal the movie’s switch from the U.K. to the U.S. where Eggsy and the Secret Service will meet with the American version of the Kingsman called “Statesman.” Based on the trailer released earlier this year, things are not going well in England. In the first trailer for Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle, the Kingsman’s headquarters was blown up and only Eggsy and Merlin have survived.

Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle will land on the big screen on Sept. 22. In the meantime, watch the first trailer for the highly-anticipated sequel, to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s My Way, below.

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