Jurassic Park Goes 3D

By admin | 6 years ago

Jurassic Park Goes 3DWhen Jurassic Park first came out in 1993, it was a big event. People literally camped out of the cinemas to be one of the first ones to see the Steven Spielberg movie. People who have lined up hours before the opening said that the wait was worth it.

For Jurassic Park’s 20th anniversary, the movie is rendered in 3D. A new generation gets the chance to see Spielberg’s dinosaur feature on the big screen. Jurassic Park is still something worth watching but the 3D effects are pointless.

Some scenes are given an extra layer of depth visually with the 3D treatment. But the 3D rendering doesn’t add to the scenes that you are hoping for, such as the Jeep chase with the T. Rex or the raptors in the kitchen.

3D has become a marketing gimmick so that studios can release old box office earners for a new audience. It is not a remake or a reboot of the original movie. It is the 1993 release that is remastered as an IMAX 3D film.

The story is great and during the time of its release, it is one of the movies that really impressed moviegoers. In today’s standards, the special effects are still good but it was revolutionary in 1993. The cast members delivered good performances. All the action sequences are executed perfectly and make the movie full of tension and suspense.

Even though you have already seen it, you have to see it again today. Don’t expect the 3D effect to blow your mind off. You have to see the thrill of dinosaurs in action and how it feels like to be a kid once again. Bring your kids with you to let them experience the awe of dinosaurs walking on Earth. Steven Spielberg really knows how to make movie magic.

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