Jurassic World 2 Could Introduce New Tyrannosaurus-Spinosaurus Hybrid

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
Jurassic World 2 Could Introduce New Tyrannosaurus-Spinosaurus Hybrid
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There is going to be more awesome dinosaur battles and even more terrifying dinosaur hybrids in Jurassic World 2. According to speculations, after the Indominus Rex has been defeated, a new stronger dinosaur hybrid will emerge. Read the details below.

Playing God

The original trilogy as well as the new movie franchise left one valuable lesson: do not play God. The attempts of humans to bring back dinosaurs from extinction and then tamper with their DNA to create a superior creature prove to be disastrous. However, humans never learn.

According to a fan on YouTube, the follow-up to the 2015 box office hit will introduce a new dinosaur hybrid that can be even more challenging to topple. If the Indominous Rex a.k.a the Untameable King threatened the existence of all creatures in the world, something bigger and more vicious is coming.

The Stupendous Wave speculated that Jurassic World 2 will introduce the Spinosaurus Rex, a hybrid of a T-Rex and a Spinosaurus. According to his theory, the new dinosaur can be even bigger than the Indominus Rex.

Of course, gene mixing not only creates a new specie, but it will give the creature special abilities. For example, the I-Rex can run up to 30mph (in its paddock), has a roar that can reach up to 140-160db, has 74 teeth and it has spiky osteoderms all over its body. The scientists at Jurassic World also mixed tree frog DNA, snake DNA and Velociraptor DNA to create one super dinosaur that is near the top of the food chain.

That said, the Spinosaurus Rex hybrid has the capacity to become even more undestructable. “”Spinosaurus Rex could be a hybrid between a T-Rex and a Spinosaurus, making it one of the fiercest animals that not only the Jurassic Park franchise has ever seen, but the entire world,” the fan stated.

Spinosaurus Rex Characteristics

The speculated new dinosaur can take the place of the I-Rex as the biggest dinosaur to emerge in the Jurassic World franchise. Mix the T-Rex’s incredibly strong bite force with the Spinosaurus’ fully functioning arms and one will create an almost indestructible monster.

The Stupendous Wave also argued that going bigger in the next movie makes sense in the story standpoint. If the franchise continues in the route of genetically-engineered dinosaurs as foot soldiers, then nothing can win a war better than a Spinosaurus Rex.

It can function better than tanks and can lay more destruction in its wake. Moreover, it can be even more useful because the Spinosaurus Rex can be sent into aquatic missions like, perhaps, take out submarines and ship.  Watch the video below.

Gun-Toting Dinosaurs

In other news, Movie Pilot reported that Jurassic World 2 might introduce genetically-engineered dinosaurs that are ready for war. The cited a description from a posting in Production Weekly which notes that the anticipated sequel will be about the government training dinosaurs to use weapons.

Jurassic World already hinted at militarized use of dinosaurs in the franchise. But while Chris Pratt‘s character is adamantly opposed to the idea, the government went ahead and made the creatures into ultimate killing machines.

However, take this as a rumor. The cast and crew are yet to reveal whether fans will see the dawn of dinosaur soldiers in the upcoming movie.

Jurassic World 2 will see the return of Pratt as Owen Grady, a dinosaur researcher. Bryce Dallas Howard will also reprise the role of Claire Dearing, the previous park operations manager at Jurassic World. B.D. Wong and Toby Jones will also appear.

The still-untitled sequel is directed by J.A. Bayona. Meanwhile, Colin Trevorrow (the director of the 2015 hit) sits as a producer. Jurassic World 2 will open on Jun. 22, 2o18.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Jurassic World

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