‘Jurassic World’ Copied ‘Aliens’ Movie? [WATCH TRAILER]

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Jurassic World’ Copied ‘Aliens’ Movie? [WATCH TRAILER]

One of the most anticipated movies this year “Jurassic World” recently launched a brand new 30-second trailer and one couldn’t help but notice some similarities between the teaser and one other popular franchise.

According to Yahoo! Movies, the “Jurassic World” movie reminds us of the “Aliens” franchise and with the camera angles and shots used in the teaser it looks like some sort of sequel to the franchise. Until now all the other TV spots and teasers/trailers have focused on the digitally created dinosaurs and specially introduced the menacing Indominus Rex to audiences everywhere. It has also shown us Chris Pratt’s character Owen Grady, a behavioral researcher at the park taking the fight to the dinosaur itself.

This particular teaser starts with an infant dinosaur hatching itself from the egg and giving probably the creepiest, devilish look a monster can give. This particular scene will remind the audience’s of Alien franchise’s egg. Second reference is the scene where Bryce Dallas Howard is seen standing behind the opening doors which again looks somewhat similar to Sigourney Weaver’s scene in the movie “Aliens”.

Other situations that show a giant, scaly and not to forget a vicious monster who is out there hunting humans who unfortunately don’t know how to deal with it gives constant reminders of different scenes from the franchise. But apart from all of this, there are a certain things that people can look forward to seeing in the movie. Firstly for loyal fans, Isla Nublar will be open again and they will get to re-live the experience that dawned upon them a few years back. Chris Pratt’s introduction in the movie is something audiences would look forward to seeing since he is currently on a hot streak, people wouldn’t mind a new trilogy if it is ever announced. Finally, people will see the mighty Indominus Rex, a hybrid version of the already tyrant T-Rex that still manages to give the chills to audiences everywhere.

Watch the “Jurassic World” movie trailer below:

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Photo source: Facebook/Jurassic World Movie 2015

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