Jurassic World Producer Acknowledges Star Wars: The Force Awakens Success In Style

By Irawati Awate | 2 years ago
Jurassic World Producer Acknowledges Star Wars: The Force Awakens Success In Style
Frank Marshall Tweet

When a film crosses the $200 million mark, the producers gain a fair right to say ‘that is a tough record to break’. With relation to similar circumstances, when ‘Jurassic World’ was released, it not only received amazing response but also went to break several records at the box office. ‘Jurassic World’ ended up with an earning of whopping $208.8 million domestically, which gave them the bragging rights of a successful movie series. However that privilege was not long lasting, as it had to tussle with none other than J.J. Abram’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


The Colin Trevorrow directed film got robbed of its success, when Abrams Star Wars gained the honor of biggest opening a film ever got on a weekend. Star Wars franchise is nearly a five decade old franchise and its last film came out almost ten years ago raising the ever increasing hunger of the audience. Jurassic World on the other hand depended much upon the graphics and animation rather than a story which needed to answer the unanswered question. Speaking about success, the grand opening of the Star Wars franchise was proudly acknowledged by one of the producers of the Jurassic world.


According to Cinema Blend Frank Marshall tweeted at around midnight to congratulate Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy, Lucasfilm, and the entire cast & crew. The tweet came with an image where a T-rex putting on a gold medal around the BB-8. With News United optimistic approach says it can even catch James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ as the highest grossing film ever. The more than expected grand opening has surely achieved enough already and add to that a very positive remarks from the ever demanding critics. The not so generous rating agency in ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ is prescribing 94% on reviewer aggregate. Despite the positive rating, it is the one movie any Hollywood fan cannot resist from watching. Therefore with China and other Asian countries yet to open their account, time is not far where Cameron starts tweeting.

Image Source: Frank Marshall/Twitter

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