‘Jurassic World’ Scene That Was Not Included

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Jurassic World’ Scene That Was Not Included

“Jurassic World” was appreciated by all who saw the movie. For it was resurrecting one of the most popular franchises Hollywood has given the world. With all the action packed scenes and adrenaline pumping going on because of the dinosaur attack, there was one scene that was particularly cut out from the movie. This scene in question also happens to be a bit disgusting perhaps that’s why it was one of the reason why it was left out.

According to Cinema Blend, Bryce Dallas Howard who portrayed the role of Claire Dearing, operations manager of the park revealed in a recent interview that there was a scene where her character and Chris’s character Owen cover themselves with dinosaur dung in the pretext of their scent not being traced by the Indominus Rex. The scene was hilarious and added a certain element of humor to the film, however director Colin Trevorrow thought the scene was in a way disrupting the flow of serious scenes going on in the movie.

The director’s concern can certainly be understood since if a movie is showing a vicious monster killing people and there’s blood everywhere, people are running for shelter looking to save themselves and suddenly you put a scene where the two lead characters are covering themselves in dinosaur excreta, it would absolutely kill the seriousness of the situation being portrayed in the movie and would give a feeling of watching a parody of the same.

It seems Bryce was a bit disappointed since she mentioned that the hilarious scene could have acted like a balancing act in the movie which was not full of tension and was more like a tense and suspenseful movie. However she was okay with the scene being cut in the end as she believed in Colin’s vision for the movie and it surely did work for the betterment of the movie.

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