Jurassic World Targets for a Whooping $100 Million in the Opening Weekend from the Domestic Box Office

By Smitha Nambiar | 3 years ago
Jurassic World Targets for a Whooping $100 Million in the Opening Weekend from the Domestic Box Office
Jurassic World

Expectations are riding high on Universal Pictures’ upcoming offering, “Jurassic World,” an attempt by director Colin Trevorrow to recreate the amazing dinosaur theme park on the island of Isla Nubbar from the 1993 Steven Spielberg’s multi-million hit film “Jurassic Park.”

“Jurassic World”, which is due to hit the theaters on June 12 is being touted as one of the biggest releases in Hollywood in recent times. Considering how people are responding to the movie trailer and pre-release ticket sales, the film is likely to fetch nothing less than $100 million in the opening weekend at the US domestic box office alone, as per Variety.

“The trailers are connecting in such a big way,” said vice president and chief analyst at BoxOffice.com, Phil Contrino. When it comes to teasers, Universal Pictures played on the feelings of moviegoers by invoking nostalgia. The piano version of John Williams’ original theme song is refreshing and brings back memories of the first installment from the franchise. The trailer also offers narration from the character John Hammond, which was essayed by actor Richard Attenborough, who passed away in 2014.
The ticket sale hasn’t stopped and is on the increase ever since it opened up on May 15.

Even though the first installment of the series created a wave at the box office and the second installment, released in 1997, turned out to be the third highest grossing film of the year, the third installment did not prove to be lucky enough at the box office. Jurassic Park III, which hit the theaters in 2001 saw a sharp decline in ticket sales and made only $181 million at the domestic box office, the lowest among the series.

Do you think “Jurassic World” will be able to recreate the same magic of the original and exceed $100 million at the box office? Voice your opinion in the comment box below.

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