‘Jurassic World’ update: Chris Pratt and His Amazing Version of Dinosaur

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Jurassic World’ update: Chris Pratt and His Amazing Version of Dinosaur
Chris Pratt

It comes as no surprise if we say Chris Pratt is a funny man. Everyone knows that because the actor has his own way of doing things and getting away with them as well. We would call an actor of his caliber hard working and more like street smart who can adapt to situations accordingly. Yahoo! Movies just found out one more quality about the actor in a recent interview that the actor was doing along with co-star Bryce Dallas Howard to promote his movie “Jurassic World” that will hit theatres worldwide on Friday.

According to Yahoo! Movies, Chris Pratt, along with his co-stars and director were asked to draw their favorite version of dinosaurs and depict what would dinosaurs mean to them. Director Colin Trevorrow drew something like an Ornithopod, which used to be a plant-eating dinosaur. Bryce Howard’s dinosaur was the popular herbivore with long neck Brontosaurus who also called as Brachiosaurus for some time. But it was Pratt’s dinosaur that emerged as the winner obviously.

It seems the actor’s imagination ran wild when he was drawing the dinosaur. He chose to draw probably the most popular dinosaur that everyone is familiar with, Tyrannosaurus or the T-Rex. According to his picture, the T-Rex had just cut open another dinosaur’s head and the severed head was lying there in a pool of blood with another dinosaur running for its life. Kevin Polowy who was interviewing the cast of the movie showed Bryce her co-star’s drawing of the dinosaur while mentioning it as “quite detailed” one.

After looking at the drawings especially by director Colin Trevorrow, Bryce urged Mr. Polowy to believe her when she says that the dinosaurs in the movie are nothing like this and they look far too real. The movie is expected to be a big time opener with a worldwide release and boasting of a cast that comes from probably every corner of the world.

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Photo source: Facebook/Chris Pratt

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