‘Jurassic World’ Update: Indominus Rex was Based on this Dinosaur

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Jurassic World’ Update: Indominus Rex was Based on this Dinosaur

We have all seen the mammoth breath taking monster in the movie. It looked like a snake, lizard and to some extent a tiny bit of a frog but there was more to it that was not revealed until now. In terms of dinosaurs alone, it was considered to be a hybrid of the vicious T-Rex, part Raptor and other dinosaurs put together. However there was one more dinosaur that was considered to create our dear friend. Paleontologist Jack Horner who served as a scientific advisor on all the Jurassic movies recently revealed that there was yet another dinosaur that was responsible for Indominus’s visual looks.

According to Yahoo! Movies, Jack Horner mentioned that there was a dinosaur that was discovered in Gobi desert in Mongolia in the year 1948. This dinosaur was called Therizinosaurus and was nothing like what other dinosaurs used to be like. Known to be towering over 30 feet, the beast’s front limbs were about 11 feet long and the main feature that Therizinosaurus was blessed with were long arms loaded with really strong claws that helped him in many ways. There were arguments that it could have used it primarily to hunt its prey but another revelation came forward that it was a herbivore and used the claws to rake up leaves. Using it as a self defence was only a secondary option for it. This was one major difference that distinguished it from its mighty and vicious alter ego, the Indominus.

Just like Chris Pratt’s character Owen Grady who was a noted velociraptor trainer, Indominus was a hybrid monster, an experiment and not really a dinosaur like the science team at the park were calling it. Mr. Horner too clarified that the Indominus was a transgenic animal. It can be very well said that it was because of its facial features like the T-Rex, intelligence like the raptors, camouflaging ability like the cuttlefish and a huge inspiration from Therizinosaurus, the monster was able to roar its way to box office glory this summer.

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Photo source: Facebook/Jurassic World

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