Justice League 2 Rumored To Be Inspired By Geoff Johns’ Darkseid War

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Justice League 2 Rumored To Be Inspired By Geoff Johns’ Darkseid War
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Justice League is yet to release and rumors of Justice League 2 have started to circulate. A new set of rumors is now indicating the inspiration behind the comic book.

The entire DCEU is based on the New 52 comic series so it does not come as a surprise if the second DC ensemble takes inspiration from an important comic book.


Screen Rant reported that the comic book Darkseid War, which is written by DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, is rumored to be the inspiration for Justice League 2.  

According to the outlet, the comic book will serve as a major inspiration for the DC team’s second team-up. In addition to this, the rumor also stated that New Gods like Orion and Mister Miracle could also be making an appearance in the movie.

There has been no confirmation yet addressing these rumors but since Darkseid has been hinted as the main villain of the movie for a while now, this particular comic book could prove to be an apt inspiration for the movie.

Darkseid War comic book

Comicbook.com reported that the story of Darkseid War is really interesting as it pits Justice League and Darkseid for the second time in the comic books. Justice League: Origin saw the heroes coming together for the first time and forming a new superhero team.

They formed the team when Darkseid and his forces had launched an attack on Earth. After a fierce battle, the League was able to throw Darkseid in a boom tube and away from Earth.

However, in Darkseid War, the Lord of Apokolips came back and a second battle ensued between him and the heroes. This second battle was much more savage as Darkseid was not pleased about being beaten by the heroes.

If Justice League 2 is really taking inspiration from Darkseid War, the intensity of Darkseid’s attacks will be more savage. Also because his uncle Steppenwolf will probably get killed or defeated in Justice League, the sequel could see a deadlier version of Darkseid.

New Gods

Another rumor mentioned states that other New Gods would be making an appearance. Orion’s name has been mentioned and it only makes sense considering that he is Darkseid’s biological son.

However, because Darkseid gave him to the Highfather, he was raised on New Genesis amongst the other Gods and, which led him to become a hero.

So if Darkseid War is an inspiration for Justice League 2, Orion will play an important role. In the comic books, he has aided Superman and the League against Darkseid’s attacks, making him an ally.

Zack Snyder’s hint

Justice League 2 inspired by Darkseid War also looks like a believable rumor because Justice League director Zack Snyder has referenced Jack Kirby and New Gods in the ensemble this year.

The main villain of Justice League is Steppenwolf. He is one of the New Gods. With him being the main villain of the movie, it would further pave way for other New Gods including Darkseid to make an appearance.


Justice League will see the heroes assembling for the first time to fight Steppenwolf and save the world. After Superman’s sacrifice, Batman started believing in good people again and Wonder Woman found inspiration to fight for humanity again.

He and Wonder Woman will be joining forces and try to assemble the team. Since a major threat in the form of Steppenwolf will be invading Earth, this would be the first time DC fans will see the team in action.

The movie will properly introduce Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg as they join forces with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Post the ensemble each of these heroes will move on to their solo movies before assembling again.

Release date

Justice League will release this year on Nov. 17 and Justice League 2 is scheduled to release in 2019.


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