Justice League: 6 Comic Book Easter Eggs In The Trailer

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Justice League: 6 Comic Book Easter Eggs In The Trailer
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Justice League is DC’s most anticipated movie this year. With the trailer finally creating excitement in fans’ minds, there is something else, which would further excite fans.

Easter eggs have slowly become a part of a trailer’s regime because without which fans might not enjoy it. Since Zack Snyder is known to keep some heavy comic book references in his movie, there are plenty present in the new Justice League trailer.

Keeping in mind all the Easter eggs, here are six important ones.

Bruce Wayne’s black horse

In the beginning of the trailer, Ben’s Bruce can be seen mounting a black horse. While many might not have noticed much about it, the black horse does happen to hold major significance.

In one of the most legendary Batman comics The Dark Knight Returns, Batman rode a Black mare when he decided to take control of Gotham city. Him riding the black mare is still considered one of the most iconic images of Batman ever.

The scene with the horse will be seen just before Bruce confronts Arthur Curry looking to recruit him.

Steppenwolf’s battle-axe

One very important detail to know about the main villain of the movie is the weapon he will be using. Fans can expect a monster of a villain given that Ciaran Hinds’ character has been developed with heavy CGI.

His weapon is something that fans should turn their attention to. The God-like villain will come fully prepared to capture all Mother Boxes and it is the battle-axe that he will be using. Many reports believe this battle-axe has made an appearance in the trailer.

It can be seen in the same shot when Jason Momoa’s Aquaman dodges something underwater. Reports are stating that Aquaman will have an encounter with Steppenwolf in Atlantis and following the encounter, the former will feel compelled to join other heroes in protecting Earth from the invader.

Scene similar to The Knightmare scene

WhatCulture reported that there is a scene in the trailer, which is quite similar to the Knightmare scene seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the trailer, Batman is standing on a rock, looking at Amnesty Bay.

In the Knightmare scene, he was standing in a similar position looking at a destroyed city with an omega symbol. The outlet noted that both the scenes take place before Batman ends up in a conflict with two of his future teammates.

It was Superman in the Knightmare scene, while the Amnesty Bay scene will have Aquaman.

Origin of the team

The outlet also stated that the first time the group of heroes came together was when Appelaxians were invading Earth. In Justice League of America #9 released in 1962, DC heroes decided that there was strength in unity.

Following this decision, they came together to form a team. In the movie, the team is assembling because an invasion is coming. However, this time, Appelaxians have been replaced by Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons.

Batman’s debut comic book cover

One thing special about Snyder’s direction is that he likes to keep many classic elements intact in his movies. For instance, in the trailer, Batman’s swinging while a Parademon is attacking him is very similar to the pose he had on his debut comic book cover.

The outlet noted that the way the Dark Knight swings into view in the trailer, it is reminiscent of his appearance on his first comic book cover.

The Gargoyle

There is another fantastic Easter egg related to Batman in the movie. In the teaser that was released before the trailer, Batman can be seen standing on a grim reaper gargoyle.

This grim reaper gargoyle has been taken straight away from the front cover of Detective Comics 682, which released in 1995. Much like the comic book cover, the Dark Knight can be seen looking down at something on a very intense dark night.

With the Easter eggs well in order, it remains to be seen if the movie is able to turn critics’ opinions about DCEU and make fans happy or not.

Justice League will be released on Nov. 17.


Photo source: YouTube/Movieclips Trailers

YouTube/Movieclips Trailers

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