Justice League: Actors Who Should Play Darkseid

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Justice League: Actors Who Should Play Darkseid
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Justice League will be releasing this year. With the DC heroes assembling for the first time to fight Steppenwolf, fans will wait for Darkseid to appear. Ever since a rumor stated that he would be appearing in the movie, theories have been going wild about what he will be doing.

While that is not known, the main concern at this point would be to cast an actor for the role. There are many choices for the role and keeping them in mind, here is who should play Darkseid.

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel currently plays Groot in the MCU. But given his heavy voice, he could lend it for the role of Darkseid. Since the character will be shot mainly via CGI, Vin’s voice would be more than enough to suit Darkseid’s personality.

Also since Darkseid is a major character in the DC universe, there would be opportunity for Vin to play the role in potential sequels too.

Ving Rhames

Ving’s name has been on almost every list for the role of Darkseid. The Mission: Impossible star too has a heavy voice and has a personality that he carries.

Given the way he portrays his roles, it could match the portrayal that is required for the role of Darkseid. Much like Vin or any other actor, the main emphasis will be on CGI work and the voice.

Kevin Grevioux

Kevin Grevioux is known for his work in the Underworld series. Going by his looks and voice, he is practically Darkseid in blood and flesh. He too has been on top of many fan-casts and it is him who truly matches the personality of Darkseid.

Though he has not had a breakout role yet, playing Darkseid in DCEU could just present that opportunity to him.

Jeff Bridges

Screen Rant added Jeff Bridges’ name to the list of actors who can play the role of Darkseid. He has a villainous personality and an intimidating screen presence. He played the villain in Iron Man and now he can move over to the DC side and play the most powerful DC villain ever.

Daniel Craig

The outlet also added Daniel’s name to the list. According to it, Daniel plays dark, tense and grim roles quite well. Considering these are the words that have been used to describe DCEU movies till now, he would look really good in the role.

He also happens to be a really good performer so playing Darkseid would come as a unique challenge to him. It remains to be seen who gets cast as Darkseid in Justice League.

Justice League will release this year on Nov. 17.


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