Justice League: Castle Star Nathan Fillion Would Make A Good Hal Jordan

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Justice League: Castle Star Nathan Fillion Would Make A Good Hal Jordan
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Justice League has assembled all of its heroes apart from the Green Lantern. With reports speculating that a Green Lantern will show up in the movie, fans could only hope that the appearance further connects to Hal Jordan and the bigger Lantern-verse.

Simultaneously, the studio has also been on the lookout for an actor who can portray Hal Jordan in the DCEU. Considering Nathan Fillion has been a fan of the character and has done multiple voice-overs for the character, he should be given a chance.

Following the support from fans and the inclusion of his name in fan lists, here are reasons why the Castle star would make a good Hal Jordan.

Voice-over work

One reason why Fillion would make a great Hal Jordan is because of his voice-over work for the superhero. Justice League: Doom, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis and Green Lantern: Emerald Knights are just some of the movies in which he has lent his voice.

Whenever he has lent his voice, fans’ opinion about it has been positive. In fact, there are multiple instances when fans have put him as their number one choice for Hal, solely based on his performance in the aforementioned gigs.


Apart from wielding the most powerful weapon in the DC universe, there is one other thing that is required from Hal, humor. The character has his own sense of humor and has had numerous funny moments in the appearances he has made in animated movies.

Since Fillion is also known for his sense of humor and has showcased a lot of it on shows like Castle, he will be able to fulfill the requirement for the character too.

Passionate fan

While many actors who currently play superheroes draw their performances from research or from a similar role they played in the past, that is not the case with Fillion.

He himself happens to be a passionate fan of the DC hero and his enthusiasm shows in every performance of his. One of the behind-the-scenes reels that were released some time back effectively brought out the nerd in the actor as he enthusiastically read his lines.

Major superhero role

Until now, he has had an opportunity to shine only on TV with his major role in Castle and multiple small appearances on Modern Family. However, he has yet to have a major movie role to his name. Since the superhero genre has turned the table for many actors, it is exactly the kind of zone where he should try his luck.

He has had small roles in this genre too. For instance, he played the alien in Guardians of the Galaxy and will be playing Simon Williams in the movie’s sequel. However, these small roles are exactly just that.

So if he is chosen to play Hal Jordan in DCEU, it would give him the right kind of platform to showcase his talent and enter the superhero genre in a full fledged manner. WB/DC is also in the process of getting another promising star who can help them build their Green Lantern-verse.

The actor might have to get in shape, but considering his latest social media posts about working out with Justice League star Henry Cavill, it seems he is already doing that.


Finally Fillion’s age is another factor that can enable him to play Hal in DCEU. According to reports, the makers are looking for an older Hal Jordan, who will show a younger John Stewart what it means to be a Lantern.

The actor is currently 46, which puts him in the right age gap to play an older, experienced and battle-hardened Hal.

Comicbook.com was one of the outlets that had rooted for Fillion to become Hal Jordan/Green Lantern some time back. According to it, the actor has been a fan-favorite for the role for a long time now. It remains to be seen if he gets chosen as Hal Jordan or not.

Justice League will release this year on Nov.17.


Photo source: YouTube/DC Entertainment

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