Justice League Dark: James Bond Star Daniel Craig As John Constantine?

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Justice League Dark: James Bond Star Daniel Craig As John Constantine?

Justice League Dark is currently being planned and as the makers put together a story for the team of superheroes that have John Constantine, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Deadman and Madame Xanadu, speculations are on for who could play the role of the lead John Constantine.

Since Matt Ryan has played the role of Constantine in the TV series, he could play the role in the movie too. But since the DCEU is different from the TV series, the makers might look into casting someone else for the role. Given the description of the character, current James Bond star Daniel Craig could be perfect for the role. Here are reasons why.

Personality. Daniel Craig with his Bond movies has basically established himself as the alpha male. With mature performance and charm going hand in hand, Daniel will be able to play the role of the superhero/detective who hunts and fights supernatural threats along with his teammates. Besides this, the way Daniel carries himself will also make him more believable in the role.

Accent. Since the character is British, it would mainly need a Brit actor playing the role. Daniel’s accent would only add more weight to the character and prominence to his lines when he is in the character.

Team-up. Getting Daniel to play the role of John Constantine will also open up opportunities for him to further play the role in DCEU. Imagine Daniel’s Constantine, Ben’s Batman and other DC heroes assembling for a dangerous mission.

Portrayal. Much like how Ben has slipped into the character of Batman, Daniel could do the same with John Constantine. Once fans see his performance in the character, he will surely win their hearts over with it.

Collider reported that Jay Oliva brought the animated feature movie Justice League Dark to life. This is much so that it can highlight the dark and supernatural side of the DC Universe. The movie has Batman teaming up with the team to fight supernatural threat.

It remains to be seen who gets cast as John Constantine in the DCEU movie.

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