Justice League Dark: Tom Hiddleston As John Constantine In The Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Justice League Dark: Tom Hiddleston As John Constantine In The Movie
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Justice League Dark will kick off DC’s dark universe. John Constantine leads the team and there are many actors who will look good in the role. However Tom Hiddleston is one that might look better than others. There are many reasons as to why he will look good and here are some.


Tom’s popularity is ever-growing. Since characters in Justice League Dark are not as famous as other DC characters, having him lead the movie could be beneficial. He will be one of the major stars to spearhead the project and get it the necessary recognition it deserves.

Also if a star like him joins DCEU, he will lend some weightage to DC’s cinematic universe.

Layered character

John Constantine is not a typical superhero. He is an anti-hero who has done some questionable things in his life. Yet he strives to protect humanity from dark forces and sometimes it includes dealing with demons too.

If Tom plays the character, he will not just be playing a conventional superhero like others, he will be playing a character that has many layers attached to him.


Tom is undoubtedly charming. His charm alone has won him many fans over the years. The way he carries himself and the way his roles are, it makes many believe that he can play a wide range of characters from different genre.

From being considered as the next James Bond to playing a troubled singer-songwriter in I Saw The Light, he has been associated with some really good roles.

Portrayal as Loki

He currently plays Loki in MCU and will be next seen in Thor: Ragnarok. Since he will not be attached to the role forever, if it were to end with the upcoming movie, he could take on this role. Much like Loki, he will be able to make fans fall in love with his character.

Also since playing Constantine requires a lot more than just being a superhero, Tom will have a new challenge if he chooses to play it.

Screen Rant declared Tom as the second best choice for the role of Constantine after Colin Farrell. According to the outlet, if Tom is cast as Constantine, he will have his own franchise to lead after sharing a top role in the Thor trilogy. It remains to be seen if Tom gets cast as John Constantine or not.

Justice League Dark does not have an official release date yet.


Photo source: YouTube/Comicstorian

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