Justice League: Is It Possible For Superman’s Mom to Meet Aquaman’s Mother?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Justice League: Is It Possible For Superman’s Mom to Meet Aquaman’s Mother?
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Justice League will mark the full-fledged appearance of DC heroes. Along with them, supporting characters from each of the hero’s stories will also be appearing.

One such supporting character is Martha Kent whose name ended up creating one of the most infamous moments in DCEU history. After the incident fans have hoped that DC will stay away from a scene like that.

However, if Diane Lane aka Martha is concerned, there is one character she would love to share a scene with. This character happens to be another superhero’s mother.

Justice League Diane Lane

According to Comicbook.com, while dodging questions about her role in the upcoming Justice League, Lane did offer an opinion as to which character she wants to share a scene with.

Lane blurted out Nicole Kidman’s name. Kidman will be playing Aquaman’s mother, Queen Atlanna in Aquaman.

While this comes across as something that fans might not see, Lane still believes an interaction with Kidman is what she wants. She commented that the scene could also happen in another sequel.

She also elaborated that the age difference between her character and Cavill’s as well as Kidman’s and Momoa’s does not ruin the casting because acting is all about playing things one never could be in real life.

Impossible scene

The outlet also presented a theory that every DC fan is aware of.  Queen Atlanna is one character that always meets a tragic end in almost every version of Aquaman’s story, which means it would simply be impossible that she gets to interact with Superman’s mother.

Also, since it is highly unlikely that Superman will take his mother to Atlantis or Aquaman will bring his mother to Kansas, this only looks more and more difficult. Despite this, if the two were to meet somehow, here is what they could talk about.

Respective sons

One thing they have in common are having sons.  Both of them have played important roles in their son’s lives and this is something they can talk about.

Imagine the two mothers talking about their sons and how different their upbringing has been when compared to other normal children.


Another thing they could talk about is the struggle their respective children has to go through. Man of Steel clearly showed how Clark struggled just to fit in amongst other humans.

Since Aquaman could be an origin story, it could deal with Arthur’s rising powers and what difficulties he faced growing up.

Newly assembled team

They could also talk about the newly assembled team both the heroes will be a part of. As mothers, they might worry about them but after coming to know the motive of the League, they will be proud of their sons.

Martha’s role in Justice League

While Martha’s role in Justice League has been kept under wraps, it should be noted that her role could be small but very effective. Maybe she will be the one who encourages Superman to go out there and fight again.

Looking at the League struggle against Steppenwolf and on his mother’s insistence, Superman might decide to help the other heroes out.

It remains to be seen if Lane’s character ends up meeting Kidman’s character in DCEU or not.

Justice League will be released on Nov. 17.


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