‘Justice League’ Documentary Movie In The Works; George Miller Explains Failed Project

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Justice League’ Documentary Movie In The Works; George Miller Explains Failed Project
Justice League

George Miller proved that he can make one hell of an action movie, given the success of “Mad Max: Fury Road.” No wonder, people have expressed interest in his previous attempt at creating a “Justice League” movie.

A.V.Club reported that the George Miller’s most high profile project with Warner Bros., “Justice League” movie has seen a renewed interest and now there would be a documentary that will be produced which will capture the highs and lows of the ambitious project by Miller. Back in 2007, Warner Bros. after announcing the ambitious project had pulled its plug with reason best known to them.

With this documentary, people will be able to see and hear what kind of discussions were going on about the movie and how the director and his associates were working towards carving the project. One would also be able to decipher what movie have the audiences missed and how wonderful it would have been had it ever seen the light of day.

The documentary is currently being tentatively titled “Justice League Mortal” and will be directed by Ryan Unicomb. It would also track every step that the studio took after trying to adapt the superhero movie. One of the reasons why the movie didn’t get made is being hinted at Christopher Nolan who was in the middle of his “Dark Knight” trilogy and didn’t want another version of his character being made. Besides the budget, it was also reportedly overshot and for the same reason the movie couldn’t be made.

The studio however are slowly approaching the subject by giving Zack Snyder to setup the Superman origin movie with “Man of Steel” and introducing a newer version of Batman with “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Now the coming movie will be introducing other potential members of the superhero team and make way for the studio’s magnum opus. All we can say is had Mr. Miller made his Justice League movie, he probably wouldn’t have gone for “Mad Max: Fury Road” and would have been somewhere else.

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