Justice League: Five Characters That Should Cameo In The Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Justice League: Five Characters That Should Cameo In The Movie
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Justice League will release this year. DC heroes have confirmed their assemblt to fight Steppenwolf.  However, fans expect to see some characters that hold massive importance in the Justice League-verse.

These characters, though, have not yet been revealed to be a part of the movie but them making a cameo will be crucial to the movie.

Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)

Perhaps the most awaited character in superhero history, Hal Jordan is Earth’s Green Lantern and the most important one till date. He is all set to appear in his own solo movie but appearing in  Justice League is essential for his character.

This is because, in the comic books, he is one of the founding members of the League and has been a part of it in every adaptation. No actor has been cast for the role yet but The Man from U.N.C.L.E star Armie Hammer is rumored to be playing the role.

Following the rumor that he has been cast in the role, Hammer has been trolling fans for months on social media. Additionally, he’s been liking Green Lantern-related posts made by Henry Cavill and DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns on Instagram and Twitter respectively.

There also have been reports that a Green Lantern will show up in Justice League but reports have stated that it will not be a human Lantern.


After Green Lantern if there is any character that should have a cameo in Justice League, it is the supervillain. He will appear in a future sequel but it would be better if he makes an appearance in the ensemble first.

Reports have hinted that Darkseid will only be seen in the movie but no report has confirmed it yet. If the Lord of Apokolips does make an appearance, it will probably be during the battle between his forces and the combined forces of Amazon, humans, and Atlanteans.


Ever since the Nightwing movie was announced, fans have been wondering how will Dick Grayson enter DCEU. Out of all the possibilities, Justice League seems to be a good platform for Batman’s former sidekick to appear.

Besides in the trailer, there is what many believe a subtle reference to Grayson. When Commissioner Gordon talks about Batman working well with others again, that others could be Batman’s apprentice/foster son Nightwing.


Superman will also be returning to Justice League. With the Man of Steel coming back in the ensemble, it would be better if the makers would drop hints or make characters from his universe appear in the movie.

Supporting characters like Lois Lane and Martha Kent will appear in the movie but it would be better if a major character from Superman-verse makes an appearance.

Brainiac is one of the most powerful supervillains that Superman has gone up against. There was a tiny Easter egg related to Brainiac in Man of Steel, which makes it even more possible that the supervillain will have a major role in DCEU in the future.

So if Brainiac is going to appear, it would be better if there is a small cameo of him in the movie. With him speculated to be the main villain of Man of Steel 2, this cameo in Justice League will help in setting up the villain’s story.


We Got This Covered reported that Deathstroke is one character that should cameo in the DC ensemble. According to the outlet, Deathstroke is Batman’s nemesis and Joe Manganiello will be playing the character.

He was reported to be the main villain of The Batman, but fans should also expect him to make a cameo in Justice League. However, with all the changes going on with the movie, the supervillain’s future in DCEU looks a little uncertain.

Release date

Justice League will release this year on Nov. 17 and will see DC heroes assembling together for the first time. Until now the trailer has deliberately left Superman out, which has only raised anticipation for the character.

It would be seen if any of the above characters cameos in the movie.


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