Justice League: Game of Thrones Star Michael McElhatton Confirms His Presence In The Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Justice League: Game of Thrones Star Michael McElhatton Confirms His Presence In The Movie

Justice League is going to be a major event in the DC universe. With a major line-up of actors already assembled, the movie has added another name to its roster.

Game of Thrones star Michael McElhatton has been added to the movie for a role. Though he did not reveal what exactly he will be playing, he did offer some clues as to when will his character show up.


Comicbook.com reported that in an interview, McElhatton spoke openly about his part in the upcoming Justice League movie. Upon confirmation, he moved on to reveal some details about his role.

According to him, his character shows up in the opening scene of the movie, which is a very large battle scene. This large battle scene could be the one seen in the trailer.

Amazons, Atlanteans and humans can be seen fighting Apokolips’ army together. Darkseid’s appearance has also been rumored in this scene a few months ago.

Dark scene

Apart from confirming that he is in the movie, McElhatton also shared some insights about it. He assured that there are a lot of funny scenes in the movie except for the opening scene in which he is present.

Since he did not reveal which character he is playing, fans remain curious. Given the clues that he has hinted, here are some characters he could be playing in the movie.


Desaad is known as the young boy who was manipulated by Darkseid in the comics to join his side. As a brilliant individual, Desaad eventually became a key member of Darkseid’s associates.

He is an inventor of Apokolips’ weapons, a master torturer, torturing the ones captured by the parademons, and is extremely loyal to Darkseid.

In Justice League: War, when Superman was captured, Desaad intended on turning him into a super-parademon. However, the tables turned and the Man of Steel ended up killing him.

In Justice League, he could be making a small appearance during the battle scene only to re-appear later on in the movie.

Atlantean ruler

Another possibility is that McElhatton could be playing the Ruler of Atlantis who joined forces with the Amazons and humans centuries back to defeat the invaders.

In the Comic Con trailer, a King’s army was seen burying one of the mother boxes, this army could be from Atlantis and McElhatton could be their ruler.

Human leader

Since humans also fought alongside the Amazons and Atlanteans to defeat Darkseid’s forces, McElhatton could play the human leader. This role could prove to be more suitable for the actor as it would play an important part in telling the story of how one of the mother boxes ended up with the humans.

One of the mother boxes was revealed to be in possession with the government. This mother box was later fused with Victor Stone’s body and turning him into a Cyborg.

It could be the same mother box that was kept in ancient humans’ possession and how exactly did the Government lend its hand on the mother box would be interesting to know. McElhatton’s character’s part could provide some idea about it.

With another Game of Thrones actor added to the movie’s roster, it remains to be seen how does Justice League unfold.

Justice League is scheduled to release this year on Nov. 17.


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