‘Justice League’ Movie: Expectations from Superman, the Team’s Leader

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Justice League’ Movie: Expectations from Superman, the Team’s Leader

Justice League” is fast taking shape and will start shooting this year. The team will consist of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg and Green Lantern. The enemy from whom the team will be saving the world is not known yet, however with the team almost complete, we feel there will be huge expectations from each member of the team. Starting from the team’s leader, here’s what we expect Superman to do in “Justice League.”


  1. He is the man with morals, gentlemanly conduct and a natural instinct of protecting everyone. So with Superman finally finding himself as the leader of the newly formed “Justice League,” he will have to shoulder so many responsibilities when it comes to his team alone. First one would be to make sure the team has their focus right. Not that the Justice League needs it, but at some point of time, they will need someone to lead them in a battle and let them know what their primary responsibility is. With the Man of Steel being a good guy from deep within, he will be able to do just that.
  2. Secondly since he also is the most powerful member of the team, it would be really amazing to see him act like the Guardian of “Justice League.” Much like in the animated series, it would be nice if Henry’s Superman stakes his life in danger just to protect his teammates. That would make him an even more prosperous leader.
  3. Thirdly in the DC Extended Universe as a whole, Superman will have to continue to portray himself as a character who readily helps any other hero who might need his help or assistance. For instance, helping Shazam take down Black Adam, helping Wonder Woman defeat another ancient race of super villains or guiding other heroes like Flash and Cyborg.
  4. If in the future, DCEU plans to adapt the animated series “Justice League Unlimited,” Superman would definitely be the most important character in it. Since back in the series, he helped almost every other hero with their missions, till the time “Justice League Unlimited” comes on silver screen, Superman himself would have become a veteran much like Ben’s Batman.
  5. Finally in “Justice League” whoever the main villain is be it Darkseid, Brainiac or Doomsday, he will have to put his trust in other members and not just go fighting all of them alone.


Apart from this if DCEU manages to capture the unspoken and really deep friendship between best friends Superman and Batman, it would truly be an amazing moment for all DC fans. A.V. Club reported that “Justice League” could feature Doomsday again as a major villain after “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” According to Zack Snyder, there’s much more to the monster that needs to be explored and since we didn’t see Doomsday with bone claws protruding from all over his body, this very well might not be his final form. Screen Rant added that “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will see the entire line-up of Justice League standing together. DCEU will truly expand itself when “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” releases this year on March 25th.

Photo source: Facebook/Man of Steel


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