Justice League: Reasons Why John Stewart Will End Up Joining The League

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Justice League: Reasons Why John Stewart Will End Up Joining The League
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Justice League will be releasing this year. With six heroes making up the roster, Green Lantern is the hero left to be introduced. Two Lanterns namely Hal Jordan and John Stewart will be introduced in their solo movie.

Since all the movies are interconnected in the DCEU, there are chances that before or after their appearance in their solo movie, they will be joining other heroes for a much bigger mission. With John Stewart also having a major role to play, what if he ends up joining the League instead of Hal Jordan? Here are some reasons for why and how that could happen.

Younger lantern

Reports about Green Lantern Corps have been suggesting that the studio is looking for an older Hal Jordan and a younger John Stewart. Stewart will be a rookie, who will be put under Jordan’s command to learn the ropes.

Since Stewart will be the younger one, it also means that he will have more energy and enthusiasm to continue fighting as opposed to an older Hal. With him not very experienced in being a superhero, joining the League will also give him exposure to what it really means to save the world.

So maybe once his training his complete, Hal will ask him to put his training to good use and the best way to do that would be by assisting the heroes on Earth who, at the time, will perhaps be fighting Darkseid.

First-hand experience

As a new Green Lantern, he will pick up whatever Hal teaches him but he would truly understand the nature of policing when he gets to experience it first-hand.

DC heroes in Justice League too will be assembling for the first time. Many heroes like the Flash and Aquaman will be realizing their true potential and understanding what it means to save the world.

If Stewart ends up becoming a part of the team, he will understand the true meaning of being a Lantern. This realization will not be the same for Hal as he is already being described as a battle-hardened Lantern who has seen war.

Hal’s backup

If there is some catastrophe taking place on some other side of the universe, which requires the power and experience of a much seasoned Lantern, it would become Hal’s duty to go there and help.

With him being occupied with another mission, if an attack ensues on Earth, Stewart could fill in for Jordan and help as much as he can with the skills he will pick up from the senior Lantern. In addition to this with him too being from Earth, the planet naturally would come under his surveillance. Watching it get attacked will automatically coax Stewart to step up and help.

New 52 Lantern

Since DCEU is based more or less on the New 52 comic series of DC, it could automatically see Stewart as the Lantern who joins the team. In the New 52 series, Hal was dismissed and Kyle had left, which left only Stewart and Guy Gardner as the two Lanterns.

They were teamed up together as they began investigating and policing together. After a tumultuous journey, Stewart rose as one of the most powerful Lanterns.

If the same happens in DCEU, this could mean that Stewart would automatically become the Lantern to join the team. Also with Guy Gardner’s existence not acknowledged in the cinematic universe, it would leave the former as the only choice.

Military experience

In the comics, Stewart is also known as a US Marine before he became a Green Lantern. With military experience, he would naturally become much better choice given that qualities like leadership, integrity, and loyalty would come naturally to him.

The DC team could really benefit from a hero like Stewart if he were to show up instead of Hal.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes have come aboard as writers for Green Lantern Corps. There was also a report that Goyer was being eyed to direct the movie but nothing has been confirmed yet.

It remains to be seen which Lantern ends up joining the League in near future.

Justice League will release this year on Nov. 17.


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