Justice League: Reasons Why Wonder Woman Should Lead The Team

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Justice League: Reasons Why Wonder Woman Should Lead The Team
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Justice League will see the DC team assembled for the first time. With the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman and others working together, the heroes will need a leader to lead them.

For years and in many versions, it has either been Superman or Batman that has led the team, however in DCEU, there is one hero more qualified than everyone else to lead the team and that hero being Diana. There are many reasons as to why she should be made leader of the team and here are some.

Fighting experience

In the DCEU, Wonder Woman has been around for 5,000 years. Being alive for that long gives her an edge over other heroes in a rather huge way. Also since she is the best fighter DC universe, she is capable enough to lead the team.

Having been part of many wars and killed things from other worlds, Diana only becomes more qualified to be the leader.


If her fighting experience does not convince anyone than she also happens to be a hero who has God-like powers. She can easily stand her ground against heroes like Superman, Martian Manhunter and Aquaman.

She has battled other God-like creatures and was herself created by Zeus. With she having God-like powers and centuries old fighting experience, she can lead a team of heroes to victory.

Justice League


In addition to having so many powers and experience, Diana’s motives are very clear and that is to protect humanity. She proved to be very helpful in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice when she volunteered to take down Doomsday.

Saving Batman’s life and battling Doomsday one on one, she kept on fighting the monster until the other two could figure out a way to kill it.


When someone like Diana has lived for this long, chances are the knowledge that she has amassed will go beyond everyone else. So when Steppenwolf invades Earth, if Diana were to use her knowledge, she would be able to figure out a way to defeat him.

Also since one motherbox was with the Amazonians, Diana would be able to figure out what it can do and what Steppenwolf’s master wants to do with it.

Movie Web reported that a new picture of Batman’s Batmobile reveals that the Dark Knight has upgraded his vehicle. Looking far more lethal and dangerous, the upgrade has been done to tackle parademons that will be accompanying Steppenwolf.

Justice League will release this year on Nov. 17.


Photo source: YouTube/Movieclips Trailers

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