Justice League Reshoots Looking To Give Wonder Woman Bigger Role

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Justice League Reshoots Looking To Give Wonder Woman Bigger Role
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Justice League is currently holding some reshoots over the summer. Director Joss Whedon has taken over from Zack Snyder and is overlooking the planned reshoots.

The latest update is now reporting that one of the lead characters in the movie could be getting an extended role because of the reshoots.

Wonder Woman’s role extended

Slash Film reported that Gal Gadot’s character Wonder Woman could be getting an extended role in Justice League. According to the outlet, following the success of Wonder Woman, some additional footage related to the superhero is being shot.

This additional footage will take fans back to the World War I era and will feature 20th-century vehicles. It will also reportedly include a German fighter plane that Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor flew at the end of the movie.

While not many details have emerged from these reshoots of Justice League, it seems the studio is more than impressed by their female superhero, hence the extended role.

Reasons for extended role

An explanation for giving Wonder Woman an extended role has not been revealed yet. But after the success of her solo movie, it is perhaps the main reason why the studio wants to see more of her. Wonder Woman is the first movie that has done wonders for WB/DC.

The movie is still going strong and is collecting accolades from everywhere.

Having more of Wonder Woman in Justice League would be essential for many reasons. First of all, the team would need a hero who can defend everyone till the time Superman does show up.

Secondly, the team would also need someone who can step up as the leader. With a life spanning over centuries and having trained all her life, it would not be hard for her to lead a team of few heroes.

Additional Wonder Woman stars

Wonder Woman stars like Connie Nielson and Robin Wright have also been confirmed to return in Justice League. With them returning, it seems the ensemble will be going deeper in the Wonder Woman-verse and somehow connect it to the present day events.

Since Justice League will be featuring the three motherboxes left on Earth, that is where Queen Hippolyta and Antiope could factor in. One motherbox was with the Amazonians, which means both the Amazonians must have been involved with it somehow.

Their appearance in Justice League could be part of a flashback where they could be seen fighting parademons and eventually getting possession of the motherbox.

Will it make any difference?

The main question now is if these reshoots will make any difference to the movie. Normally, when a reshoot is ordered, it is only done to make the movie better.

Following the success of Wonder Woman, the first duty of Justice League would be to continue the newfound success for WB/DC. Once the ensemble manages to do as good as the solo movie, it would further consolidate DCEU’s position as a successful cinematic universe.

It would perhaps only be revealed later as to what kind of changes did the reshoots bring to the movie.


Justice League will see DC’s superhero team assembling for the first time on the big screen. Batman and Wonder Woman will be putting the team together and heroes like Superman, Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg will be joining them to protect the world.

A Green Lantern is also expected to appear in the movie, but it has not been revealed as to which Lantern will it be. Many fans are speculating that it could be Hal Jordan who will appear in a post-credits scene.

Release date

Justice League will release this year on Nov. 17.


Photo source: Instagram/justiceleague


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