Justice League Reshoots Unites The Cast In London

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Justice League Reshoots Unites The Cast In London
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Justice League is all set to release this year. The movie was reportedly going to undergo some reshoots this summer and going by the latest report, the planned reshoots have just begun.

An update has revealed that this additional filming will go on for at least two to three months.

Justice League Reshoots

CBR.com reported that reshoots on Justice League began recently in London. According to the outlet, the whole team has reunited for this reshoot and it is expected to extend till the month of August.

Previously, there were multiple reports that reshoots would take place on the movie and now it seems that they are true. These reshoots are said to include additional photography and have been described as “not your standard pick-ups.”

It has brought the superhero team together again as all the heroes are said to be a part of it.

Joss Whedon has taken over

The report also revealed that Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon has taken over from Zack Snyder and is overlooking the reshoots. Following the unfortunate demise of Snyder’s daughter, the Justice League director stepped down to mourn his daughter’s demise.

It was later revealed that Whedon was already working with Snyder before his exit and was especially brought aboard to help finish the movie. He will not be making any significant changes to the movie but will simply help complete Snyder’s vision.

Producer Charles Roven’s statement

Producer Charles Roven gave a statement about the current events related to the movie. According to him, Snyder along with wife Deborah turned the reins over to Whedon before bowing out.

The producer also confirmed that there would be some additional photography that will be taking place soon. He expressed how sad he was after Snyder chose to opt out but also remains excited because of Whedon’s presence.

It was also revealed that it was Snyder who convinced Whedon to step in and help finish the movie.

Henry Cavill’s Instagram post

As of now, the report might look like mere speculation given that there has been no confirmation from the studio about these reshoots. But Justice League star Henry Cavill’s Instagram post might be hinting at the reshoots.

Cavill took to his Instagram to post a picture of himself in his Superman costume. The picture does not reveal his full look but it reveals him sitting on a couch and a shot of his legs.

He can also be seen holding a cup of coffee as he talks about the seventy-ninth anniversary of his character. The outlet speculated that the picture must have been taken from inside his trailer.

He has been shooting for Mission: Impossible 6 in Paris so getting to see him don the Superman costume does mean that some additional work for Justice League is currently going on.


Justice League will see the DC superhero team assemble for the first time. Batman and Wonder Woman will be uniting the team so that they can come together to protect the world from Steppenwolf.

Steppenwolf is  the main villain of the movie and is also known as DC’s biggest villain Darkseid’s uncle. He will be commanding an Army of Parademons and will try to retrieve three motherboxes that were left back on Earth.

A comic-con trailer and an official trailer has released till date but none of these trailers have revealed Superman or Steppenwolf’s look. Reports have also indicated that Superman’s return is purposely being kept under wraps.

Additionally, a Green Lantern is also said to make an appearance but it has not been revealed which one will it be.

Release date

Justice League is scheduled to release on Nov. 17.


Photo source: Instagram/justiceleague


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