Justice League: Teasers Of Aquaman, Batman & Flash Released; Trailer Out This Saturday

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Justice League: Teasers Of Aquaman, Batman & Flash Released; Trailer Out This Saturday
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Justice League trailer is so awaited that fans have been asking about it for months. Looking at the anticipation, the studio will be releasing a new trailer this Saturday. But before that small teasers leading to the trailer have already begun to release.

According to reports each of the heroes of the team will be getting their own promos and poster, leading to a total of six teasers and posters from the movie. With a new poster featuring five of the heroes and three teasers released already, fans should gear up for the trailer, which will be coming out exactly eight months after the Comic-con one.

Aquaman teaser

Starting the line-up of teasers, DC released the first teaser starring Jason Momoa’s Aquaman just a couple of hours back. The teaser starts with a rather old footage that was seen in the comic con trailer.

Arthur is standing on the shore probably manipulating the waters before he jumps inside and fetches an Atlantean war armor. However what follows immediately after in the new teaser will get fans’ attention.

He is in the Flying Fox when Batman hands him his trident and for the first time ever fans can see Aquaman using his trident menacingly. He stabs the ground with the trident and the water body in front of him disperses.

Ever since Jason has been cast in the role, many have started believing that his portrayal will end all Aquaman jokes that have plagued the character for decades. While his ability to talk to fish has been included as a joke, his powers sure are not.

Batman teaser

Releasing after the Aquaman teaser was Batman’s 15-second look. It begins with the scene where Bruce meets Arthur for the first time. The teaser immediately cuts to Bruce Wayne now wearing his new uniform and standing on a gargoyle.

He seems to be looking at something and this could be the scene where he single-handedly fights off some of the parademons, which a leaked picture released some time back had indicated.

However the most impressive of all shots is the one when Batman’s Batmobile is in action. It is quite visible that he gives himself an upgrade as he can be seen in the tactical suit. His batmobile is drifting and he is shooting a parademon, which is coming right at him from the front.

Comparing the Batman seen in Justice League to the one seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Bruce has indeed come a long way as his efforts bear fruit in the form of an assembled Justice League minus Superman.

Flash teaser

Third teaser to release is of DC’s scarlet speedster. Much like Batman and Aquaman, Flash too was seen in the Comic con trailer that released months before. However his teaser offers a fresh but very brief look at what he can do.

It begins with a similar shot from the previous trailer but the next shot sees him getting ready as he begins to run. A lot has been said about how different Ezra Miller’s portrayal will be; the teaser and tomorrow’s trailer will just about explain that.

It also gives an idea about how Zack Snyder must have shot the speedster’s part because the camera work around the character is quite good. Fans will certainly want to see the Flash use some of his powers like tapping onto the speed force to make an effective contribution amongst other DC veterans.

New trailer

Deadline reported that a brand new trailer for Justice League would release tomorrow. But before the new trailer is unveiled, fans can see three new teasers for Batman, Aquaman and Flash that were released with some new footage.

Other characters like Wonder Woman and Cyborg too will get their own teasers and posters as a part of the movie’s marketing strategy.

Justice League will release this year on Nov. 17.

Check the Aquaman teaser here:

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Photo source: YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures

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