Justified Season 6 Recap: Alive Day

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Justified Season 6 Recap: Alive Day
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“Justified” Season 6 Episode 6 “Alive Day” aired on Feb. 24, 2015 on FX. Boyd arrives home and sees Raylan. Raylan tells him that he has some questions to ask him. Boyd calls Ava and offers Raylan a drink. Boyd wonders why Raylan still hasn’t left for Florida. He caresses Ava’s legs in front of him while telling him that maybe something’s keeping him from leaving. He invites Raylan for dinner, but Ava says she won’t cook.

Walker looks at Calhoun’s dead body. Seabass thinks that they should dump the body in the woods. Choo-Choo remembers the girl who was with Calhoun before them. Walker asks Seabass to call and meet her and take care of her.

Zachariah pays a visit to Ava. They hug each other. He recounts his dad’s death. Ava tells him she had nightmares thinking about how hard it must have been for him. He asks for Boyd. She tells him he has no demons. He tells her he’s only working for him because he has bills to pay. Ava talks to Boyd and asks him if it’s a good idea to hire her uncle. He tells her that he needs his expertise. They head out.

Katherine sees a giant ring in a box. Avery asks her to close the box. Katherine tells him that history tells them they’re not good at marriage. He mocks her then kisses her. He asks her to think about it. She tells him she will. Avery tells her that before anything else, he needs her to tell him about Grady. She tells him she cheated on Grady, but he should know that better than anyone. He tells her that he wants to know why she snitched on him. He admits that he left because he was afraid she would do the same to him. She wonders why he wants to marry her. He tells her that he has made peace with the past.

Tim, Raylan and Detective Hughes are examining Calhoun’s body in the woods. They find Raylan’s card in his pocket. Raylan tells them he was his realtor. Tim and Raylan head out to question Avery. Avery tells them Calhoun was his realtor. Raylan asks about Choo-Choo. Walker tells him Choo-Choo went out. He gives them his card to call when Choo-Choo shows up.

Choo-Choo meets Caprice. She talks to him and asks him why they call him such. He tells her he doesn’t know.

Boyd and Zachariah enter the tunnel, with Boyd taking the lead. After a few walks, they decide to take a break. Boyd falls down into a hole while trying to reach for a can. Zachariah grabs a rope and pulls him up. He tells Boyd to take a rest, but Boyd tells him they’re on a schedule. Zachariah insists. He leaves. Zachariah asks Pig if he has been in a mine before because he can tell he has. Pig tells Zachariah that the hole where Boyd fell looked like it had the boards cut on purpose. Zachariah tells him he has a good eye and pushes him down the hole.

Avery asks Walker to take care of Choo-Choo. Walker and Avery bicker at each other. Walker receives a call from Choo-Choo. He tells Walker that Caprice told him that she won’t talk. Walker tells him that they should talk in person. Walker and Seabass meet Choo-Choo in the woods. Choo-Choo tells them she shouldn’t pay for their mistake. Tim and Raylan arrive and ask them to put their hands up. Raylan says Avery asked them to get rid of Choo-Choo. Walker tells him he’s lying and says they won’t back down. The confrontation leads to a shoot out. Choo-Choo gets shot several times. He manages to walk away with Walker.

Choo-Choo ends up at the trail station. He parks on the rails and waits for the train to come. He closes his eyes, but the train stopped just in time. The engineer steps out and sees him dead.

Boyd arrives home. Ava asks about Zachariah, but he tells him he has to take a call. It’s Limehouse. He asks Boyd not to say his name. Boyd asks him what he wants. Limehouse tells him he has information. Boyd asks him how much he wants for it. Limehouse tells him it’s free. He tells him it’s a mark to the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Limehouse asks him if Ava told him what she did yesterday. He looks at Ava, who sees him looking at her and smiles. Boyd doesn’t smile back.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Drovethrughosts

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