Justified Season 6 Recap: Sounding

By Marie delos Santos | 4 years ago
Justified Season 6 Recap: Sounding
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“Justified” Season 6 Episode 5 aired on Feb. 17, 2015 on FX. Boyd and Ava talk about Harlan. They’re stuck by a police checkpoint. They didn’t know that it was Raylan and Tim who were behind all these. A cop calls Raylan and tells him that Ava seemed shaken when talking to her. Raylan thanks him. Tim asks what he thinks and Raylan tells him that he needs to find Albert Fekus before things blow up.

Katherine’s grandchildren, Thomas and Fee, are with her. She warns them that if they don’t act right, she’ll lock them in the closet. Wynn arrives. Katherine introduces the kids to him. She then asks about their whereabouts. He tells her that he has someone at Albert’s house. Katherine tells him it’s a pity they have to kill Ava. She says she likes her.

Ava tries her best to keep her cover to ensure her safety. She cooks breakfast for Boyd. Boyd is elated to see that Ava cooked breakfast for him. He asks her to join him for breakfast. She declines and tells him that she needs to work an early shift at the salon. He asks her to sit down for a minute and pulls out her engagement ring and puts it on her finger.

Ava leaves. She calls Raylan and tells him she’s losing her mind. She asks to meet with him at the junkyard in 30 minutes with some cash. Frustrated and stressed, she throws her phone out in the window.

Raylan arrives at the junkyard. Ava’s nowhere to be found. He thinks she disappeared. He calls Constable Bob Sweeney for help.

Ava went to see Ellstin Limehouse and ask him for another car to get her out of town. Limehouse tells her it’s hard but finally agrees when Ava tells him she has enough money. He asks Errol to accompany Ava to the garage and get the money.

Sweeney spots Ava and Errol. He calls Raylan. Raylan asks him to distract Errol and get Ava out. Sweeney thinks Raylan asked him to kill Errol. Upon distracting Errol, he threatens to tase him right in the nuts.

Boyd meets Carl and tells him that he has found a way to get into the vault. Boyd tells him there’s an old mine shaft or an adit that dead ends 187 yards from the vault. He believes they would need Zachariah Randolph’s help. He visits and offers Zachariah a bottle of whiskey as a form of peace offering. He agrees to help him.

Walker and Markhan are trying to purchase a land in Harlan. Their deals are often turned down, which leads Walker to believe that either Boyd or Raylan are behind all that. Walker sends Choo-Choo and Seabass to check in on Calhoun, the man who knows about the properties they’re after. Choo-Choo misunderstands Seabass’ instructions to rough Calhoun up a bit and instead punches Calhoun in the face, killing him.

Raylan drops Ava at her house. Raylan gets mad at Ava for trying to make a run for it. Ava tells him she wasn’t thinking. He lectures her and tells her she shouldn’t run away. Ava questions him and asks why he’s doing this. He tells her he’s finishing the job, and he needs her to do that. He asks what she wants. She tells him what she needs. She tells him she needs to get back home before Boyd suspects anything.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Drovethrughosts

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