Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez get back together?

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As we turn over the page to the New Year we see great things for two of the world’s favorite artists, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez!

Justin and Selena

During the end of the previous year 2013, Selena and Justin were through a confused state in their break up as Justin had come out with a song, Roller Coaster which was apparently for his then ex girl, Selena. Not only that, the break up had also took its toll on Selena as the famed poop star had cancelled her much anticipated Star Dance Tour! Instead she decided to spend some time with her family and friends to heal herself.

However, we’re just at the star of the New Year and we see the former couple back together and happy as ever. A recent upload of the two was seen on the web on Twitter in which Selena and Justin are seen sharing a sweet cuddle together. Justin posted the photo under the caption, “Love the way you look at me”.

We think that this is the clearest sign we can get about the fact that the two have decided to give their love a second shot and work at their relationship.

Apart from that the two have also shared a couple of pictures where they are seen enjoying themselves on Segways in Biebers neighborhood in Calabasas, California. While Segwaying around the oaks the couple were spotted by some fans who commented on their uploads!

Selena and Justin

We known that Selena had axed her tour to spend some time on herself, however, according some reports, she was also battling lupus alongside struggling to get over Biebs.

Shortly after declaring that she had canceled her tour, the singer told the world that she was the “happiest” she’s been in a while.

Its good to see the two back together and working to fix things. Hopefully this time around things won’t get too complicated.

Source: Mirror

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