Justin Bieber being investigated over the alleged EGG-ING by L.A Sheriffs

By admin | 4 years ago

The L.A Sheriffs deputies are currently investigating Justin Bieber for yet another act of vandalism that the star allegedly seems to have doled out. We told you guys last week that Justin had been spotted bombarding his neighbour’s house with eggs. Not only that, but there also a heated exchange of words between the two neighbours in Biebers town, Calabasas, California.

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s spokesman, Steve Whitmore, said Bieber had been named as a suspect in a misdemeanour vandalism and assault crime report, for allegedly throwing eggs at a neighbour’s home on Thursday evening.

Whitmore says Bieber will not speak to deputies. Depending on the damage estimate, a charge could rise to a felony.

This isn’t the only allegation against Bieber. In October of last year, complaints were filed against him for driving recklessly in his neighborhood. However, prosecutors declined to charge Bieber for that incident.

Source: Guardian

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