Justin Bieber Breaks Another Heart–Connected To Rounda Rousey

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Justin Bieber Breaks Another Heart–Connected To Rounda Rousey
Justin Bieber

Undoubtedly, Justin Bieber has  successfully topped the music list with his new song, “What Do You Mean” but it seems as the singer is unable to handle his success. He is leaving no chance behind to upset his fans. Few weeks back, some girl fans cried because of his rude behavior and more recently a new name has been added to this list.Read to know more about this fan who was once a Belieber but no longer wants to hear about him.

Ronda Jean Rousey is upset with Justin Bieber for behaving in a rude way to her little sister. UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion who was at the Cannes Film Festival with her younger sister, Julia De Mars, got to see a new side of the “Baby” singer.

Julia who “was” a big fan of Justin wanted to have a picture with him. But when the elder sister approached the “As Long As You Love Me” singer and said, “Excuse Me” to which he rudely replied, “I’ve already taken a billion pictures today.”

According to People Magazine, such a reply by the singer made Rousey so furious that she said, “Yeah, but  because she was the only 16-year-old girl at the whole party – and I only got ‘Yeah, but’ out, and he goes ‘A billion’ and walks off.’ ”

De Mars broke out in tears after seeing this reaction of the Justin Bieber and said that she no longer loves Justin. Like her sister Rousey is also no longer a Belieber.

This is the second time when a girl fan has cried because of rude behavior from the singer. Earlier, Justin refused to give any photograph  and autograph to the fans who were waiting for him since daytime.


Take some cue from your song Bieber, “Never Say Never” to your fans for a mere photograph or autograph.

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