Justin Bieber Caught Smoking Weed On Stage

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Justin Bieber Caught Smoking Weed On Stage

The stars of Justin Bieber seem to be not in his favour these days. Therefore, every second day we are coming across news that are upsetting his fans. Read to know the latest controversy he is in.

A very recent video (mind you it’s not any music video) showed the “What Do You Mean” singer smoking weed and drinking alcohol on stage during a performance in New Zealand on Thursday.  The video was uploaded by one of his fans who was there to enjoy Justin’s performance. The video was later uploaded on Instagram with hash tag #drunkjustin. The fan admitted that JB was drunk when he took the video.

Giving more information on the incident TMZ reports, during the performance Bieber whipped out a joint and lit it. He then took out a bottle of Hennessy, taking a swig from it and making the stage all messy by dumping the liquor there.

The “Baby” singer was in Auckland for a show on Thursday, where the incident took place. The hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd also shared the stage with JB.

Last year, Bieber was held for taking weed and driving in Miami. He was also found positive when tested for Marijuana. Later in an interview given to Cosmopolitan last month, the singer opened up on the incident and said, “I was young just 13 years old when came to this music industry. There were many who only used me and left once their motive was completed. I met only mean people. I started doing things according to my wish and it got me into little bit trouble.”

In an another talk with a radio channel, JB  jokingly said that if there is one thing he could change about his controversial past, he would “stay away from Miami.”

No such incident came under light since his DUI arrest but it seems that it is really hard for the singer to stay away from weed and controversies.

Photo Source: Twitter/Justin Bieber

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