Justin Bieber enjoys some watersports

By admin | 4 years ago

Justin Bieber has recently been spotted enjoying some water sports at a pacific coast resort in Punta Chame. The star was seen about 90 miles away from Panama City.

Biebs was thought to be staying outside the Nitro City resort. While there, some female fans were present, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Baby singer. They were hoping to see Bieber while he was wakeboarding.

According to what the [resort employees] says, Justin has left already but we don’t know. We might come tomorrow, or try and find out where Justin is to go see him,” said one of the young fans.

We think Bieber is taking a time out from all of what he has done and is trying to mend himself. The star has caused quite the buzz everywhere on the internet.

First with his alleged egging incident, then police found drugs at his house and then he was put in jail for a DUI charge while he was drag racing in Miami in a rented, Lamborghini. However, Bieber made bail at $2500 according to reports the very same day.

Things are also not working well for his rekindled relationship with Selena Gomez the Starz Dance singer. Biebs, apparently sent a handful of mean texts to Selena, brutally insulting her in the process. Click here to read more about his text convo with Selena.

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