Justin Bieber Expresses His Views on Making Love

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In his latest interview with “V”, Justin Bieber expressed his views on a few issues, quite relevant ones indeed. The interview will be printed in the magazine’s February issue.

Bieber had a personal-level interview where he first talked about his relationship with God. In his view, most of the religious people get lost. People prefer to go to Church but he focuses more on praying and talking to God, instead of going to Church. Apart from this, Bieber continued by giving his views about drugs, love and sex. He said that he is never going to show what people want from him, like go out, star partying and pose with a glass of alcohol. “I want to do it at my own place”, he quoted.

The interview also included some talks about his age and reputation, to which he replied that he does not want to sing about things ilk drugs, sex and swearing. He is totally a love-preferring guy and perhaps, he would get more and more of it as he grows old. He further added that he aims at becoming someone who is respected by one and all.

However, the popular singer has certain goals beyond the love making concept as well. He talked about his aspirations as a professional where he quoted that he wants to be a successful person and great at what he does. In fact, not just great but to be better than anyone who could ever do it. And that simply implies striving to be the best. And being good with people, treating them with respect and working as hard as possible are the keys to it, according to him. But, for someone like him who works so hard and gives it all his time, it is not worth the efforts if he not categorized as the best. He said, “Now that I’m on top, everyone wants to bring me down”. We feel this statement displayed a touch of over-confidence. We have no idea about what tactics other people are applying to supposedly pull him off his so-called ladder of success. Being confident is great but being over-confident isn’t.

But, it seems like the interview really brought out the inner thoughts of Justin Bieber. The thoughts are great, but the problem is, they are too great for a person who is still a teenager. However, let us mention here that just a few days back, he got a permanent tattoo of his Lord and savior. But never the less, we are glad he thinks so. He’s surely on his way to get there and we are sure, he will get there one day.

Justin Bieber Expresses His Views on Making Love
Justin Bieber Expresses His Views on Making Love

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