Justin Bieber Finds Religion But Still Unapologetic About Peeing In Buckets

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago

Justin Bieber wants to live like Jesus. Hollywood’s enfant terrible has had enough of his antics and wants to rein himself in. Is it a change of heart or a next big PR move? Read on to find out.

In a recent interview with Complex, Bieber sat down and explained what it is, exactly to be Justin Bieber. While he has had a rough couple of years, from peeing into mop buckets to abandoning pet monkeys at strange airports, the 21-year-old singer seems like a new man. The “party-boy” image has certainly eroded, with the new Bieber now enjoying golf and a drink every now and then because it is only now that he is legally allowed to drink.

But he did defend his peeing in a bucket jig:

“Honestly, I think the pissing in the bucket wasn’t as big as people made it seem. Just because, dude, think about it. Imagine, you hear that fucking Ozzy Osbourne pisses backstage. Immediately, “Oh, he’s a freaking rock star!” As soon as I do it, “He’s being a brat.” Dude, what is bratty about pissing in a bucket? I had to go piss—we all have to pee.”

Ozzy Osbourne ate the head off of a live bat onstage. Justin Bieber peed into a bucket. It is hardly the same deal.In the meantime, Bieber also tried his hand at dealing with the birth of the universe, but found that it is a little difficult to grapple with.

“I’m the type of dude who always wants to figure it out. Science makes a lot of sense. Then I start thinking—wait, the “big bang.” For a “big bang” to create all this is more wild to think about than thinking about there being a God. Imagine putting a bunch of gold into a box, shaking up the box, and out comes a Rolex. It’s so preposterous once people start saying it.”

You may read the full interview at the Complex website, replete with simply ginormous images of Bieber submerged in water, but the bottom line is this: Justin Bieber has found Christianity, and he is really excited to show it to the world and also, he just compared God to “[his] awesome, bomb girlfriend.”


Photo Source:Facebook/Justin Bieber

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